I haven’t been to the Tuesday 10 Link Up in a while, shame on me.  I am back at 100%, and ready to have some FUN!!!  This week they asked us to delve into our Phone and share 10 Images that we have saved on it.  It so amazes me that our phones have become in the last 10 years so much more than a phone.  Mine is the camera, and because I am over 40 years old I have to use the calendar as well.  Link to friends in other countries, and Hello “Twitter!!!, and Facebook”  It’s my go to…  It’s the #1 Traveling Companions life line, he runs the family business from that thing.  Do not try to take the teens phone, you could loose a limb, the only one not affected by the phone yet is the 12 y/o…

So drum roll please……  Here are the 10 Images that you will find on my phone, not in any particular order…

I am full blown addicted to Scentsy…..  Last week I went and got my Spring fix, and Oh my if you haven’t done that yet….  DO IT!!!

Scentsy 10 Images


Animals, there are always pictures of the animals in our lives…  Here we have Miss Fizzby the family dog doing her thing, either sleeping or stalking/getting up from a nap (notice the bed head)  Then we also have Sir Parsley the horse that Bebe is share boarding…  Since she was five, there has been a horse in our life too.

Animals 10 Images


Sunday these two brave souls ran their first 5K…..  At Six Flags, and they did an amazing job.  Both #1 Traveling Companion and Bebe did it sub 30:00 mins…..  We also got to see behind the scenes and take these cool pictures at the roller coasters…..  You don’t get these shots, this close when you are in the park where the public is…

5K Six Flags 10 Images

Lastly FAMILY, you can always find family hanging out on my phone.  #1 Traveling Companion and Bebe did a late night run to Walgreens and this image was sent to me…..  Yep this is what they get up to when left alone for periods of time!!!  And of course with PROM this past weekend I have a picture of these two beauties……..

Family 10 Images


Thanks to Tuesday 10 Link up this is what is hanging out on my phone, what is hanging out on yours???

Have an awesome week!!!

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