10 Pet Peeves

For some reason we have to keep this to 10 Pet Peeves.  I suppose because this list would go on and on and on and on……….

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm……..  Seriously!

  • Taking my phone charger.  Now come on, we have the same phone teen, your phone came with a charger as did mine.  Not my problem if you can’t locate yours, and NO finding mine and taking it is NOT locating yours!  It has come to me hiding my phone charger in my underwear draw.  How sad is that?
  • Loud Music.  Now when it is my music, top 40 or anything from the 80’s and 90’s that I like then lets go to it and crank it up.  There is a reason that I have the new Bose speakers in the Nissan Pathfinder.  I am constantly turning it down when the teen turns it up.  When she is not in the car and One Republic comes on my car does not need gas to go forward!  Yikes.
  • Leaving dishes in the sink.  Come on people the dishwasher is right next to the flipping sink and I empty it EVERY morning!  I know it does not hurt to open that door and put those dishes in there.  The dishwasher does NOT bite.  I even wrote about it last year, and it has not gotten any better!!!!!!
  • Driving to close to my bumper.  I always leave a gap, just like in the London Underground.  “Mind the Gap.”  Why on earth do you have to stick your nose up my butt?  You are not a dog, and if you were I would turn and bite you, so back off buddy.  Then when I leave a gap in front, I just love it when that little car takes that as a “YES” to move on in.  No, it was not an invitation.
  • Imitating my accent.  No, just NO!  Don’t do it, you have beautiful accents, just beautiful.  Yes mine is a south London, British accent and I like it, and do not like it when you try to sound like me.  I have been here since 1989, and it GETS OLD!  So lets just move on, ok?
  • Yelling across the house.  We do not live in a mansion and there is no need for a telecom in each room.  Get off your butt and come find me, don’t start out with “Mum, Muum, Muuuuuum, MUUUUUUUUUUM?”  By now I have shut off, I do not hear you, and I will not be answering you.  If I have to come find you to turn down your volume you better start praying….  Just saying.
  • Not making your bed.  Their argument is that they are getting back in it in 12 hours, so why do we have to make it.  My statement back to those lovely little people is that, do what ever you want in YOUR house, in this one the bed gets made before you go to school.  Thanks for asking!
  • Not cleaning up your mess after I have cleaned the whole house.  Does this one need any follow up statement?  I mean, you see me cleaning the whole house and then casually wander into the kitchen and make yourselves the EPIC sandwich and leave the EPIC mess.  You think you will survive this endeavor?  I think NOT.
  • Not saying Please & Thank You.  Now this is not from any of the people that reside in this house, but I have stood there and witnessed it from others.  I literally have eyeballed those people and said I know your momma didn’t raise you like that.  Have no idea who their momma is, but still.  Say it, it doesn’t cost you a penny and I know it doesn’t hurt you.
  • Talking on your cell phone while in line at the cashier.  The cashier doesn’t want to hear your conversation, but she has to as she can’t just get up and walk away.  I don’t want to hear it, but to a certain point I have to as I have committed to this line.  At what point do you think that any of us want to hear it?  Hang it up, you are not that important and neither is that conversation.

These are just some of the things that I have experienced, and drive me slightly NUTS!  I try to be aware of me, my actions and how I treat others.  It drives me potty when others do not do the same.  Urrghhhh, this was like a therapy session, feeling better already….


Hehehe, one last one, I know we were supposed to end at 10 but this one is a good one……

Don’t be LATE!  Leave on time, or just a little early, you are not that important that you can pull off being late.  The Queen is not late, so therefore you can’t be late.

British Mum USA

There done now…… Tuesday 10