This is not who am I.

    Instead this is what I have done to get to where I am.
    About Me…  About Me…  About Me…  About Me…  About Me…  About Me…

British by birth, American by choice… I still travel under my British passport, I have yet to make it official. Lazy!

The story of that is for another page and time. I grew up in London, and by the time I graduated high school, I was ready to travel.  I applied for a travel permit to Israel and a summer job to America.  The summer job came through first and at the end of May 1989 I got on a plane to New York, not knowing anyone and not knowing if I would be returning.

Summer camp is FUN!!!  For kids, for camp counselors, the kitchen crew, clean up crew and the water staff, which is what I was a part of.  This is where I met my husband, oh how “Dirty Dancing” of us!!!!

  • Summer in up state New York
  • Winter in London
  • Spring and a whole year as a Nanny for a great family
  • Year in London
  • Year traveling the world
  • Marriage in Egypt
  • 22 years of marriage

Seven years ago I had the privilege of being able to stay home and be a full time mum (British sp) to my wonderful girls. I support my hubby in our adventure together as small business owners, and run two girls around to various activities, all while not going insane!!!

Last year I hit that button…  You know the PUBLISH one!  This year I will celebrate 1 Year of BritishMUMUSA!!!!  How exciting is that 🙂

I ride Hunter Jumper ( a while ago), certified PADI Dive Master (as much as I can, warm water only), avid crime reader(Kindle all the way) and last but by no means least a crazy obsessive clean FREAK!!!!!  I go through vacuums like you would NOT believe.

Life is a journey and these are my traveling companions…

The # one traveling companion of all time Brad, we have been together twenty-six years and married 23 years!!!

Wow! He is the calm and I am the storm, he fixes, figures out, and straightens out…. When I am half way up a wall, he asks when are you coming down? An amazing photographer and businessman, who works harder than anyone I know, so that us girls can drive him crazy… He is passionate about his work, and is always saying how lucky he is to be able to work at what he loves. He is the reason I scuba dive, he is a certified PADI Assist Instructor and an amazing underwater photographer as well.

#1 Traveling Companion BritishMumUSA

F is the oldest and is UNIQUE ~  She is vivacious, bold, passionate and a mini version of her dad.  They are so alike it is a miracle they have not killed one another. She is on her own journey of discovery, but is having a blast on the way. She runs, FAST! CrossCountry and Track have me running her all over two thirds of the year. Junior Olympics USATF, has her busy in the summer, with the Mambas Track Team. Theater is fast becoming a passion of hers… She is teaching herself acoustic guitar, and I surprisingly like it much better than the Oboe a few years ago.

F BritishMumUSA Home Page

Bebe is our boo! She is our lover and hugger. She can sense when you need a hug, laugh, or just to be with. At the age of two she wanted to ride horses. At four we said yes, and she practically lives at the barn. I have never seen a kid so passionate about one thing for so long, we are talking years. She would if she could move into the stall with the horse of the week. She is a loyal friend, and an old soul. She understands way beyond her years, and has some very profound moments. She has stopped her dad and I in our tracks with what she has observed and stated. She started cross-country and did join big sis this past summer with the Mambas.

Bebe BritishMumUSA Home Page

Both girls scuba dive with us as well… I think the hubby took it up to get away from all the estrogen, but we followed him…..

We also have a mini longhaired black and tan dapple daschund, good grief a hot dog, and as crazy as this sounds two one yes one African pygmy hedgehogs.  F’s was given away to be honest after she decided not to care for him any more. (Sad)

That’s it in a nutshell; my crazy but would never change it for anything in the world, traveling companions.

The family, goofy and all… Crazy!


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