Advice for…  Dealing with ME!

I really was not going to do this post, shocking I know.  I don’t give out advice or advise people, I don’t like unsolicited advice especially if the person giving it has not lived the situation that I am in.  It bugs the heck out of me, really.  After much thought and going around and around in my head with the whole … No I am not going to do this, Ok I will do this and Hey I have a choice and I am my own woman, I am writing it and it may sound a little like I am picking up where I left off with last weeks list and my 10 Pet Peeves, but it really is Advice for…  Dealing with ME!

  • CALL ME, if you have left the house after me and failed to make the bed.  If I come home and walk up stairs knowing that the bed is unmade then it is all good.  If I walk upstairs and see without prior knowledge that the bed is unmade, well seriously find somewhere else to sleep tonight.
  • Say “Mum I’m sorry…” then tell me what you did wrong.  If you start out with how it wasn’t your fault, and you are not responsible I have already started thinking about your punishment and am really not listening to you.
  • I need peace for the first half hour of my life in the morning.  I get up before all of you, so that I can achieve this.  Please do not take this as the cue to get up and join me, the sun is not even up yet.
  • If you leave it out I will find a home for it.  It may not be where you think it should be, it will probably be where I think it should be.  If I keep seeing it out it may even end up in the Trash!  Just saying…
  • Ask me nicely, and I will almost certainly do what ever you ask as long as it is not illegal or scares me.  I am a pleaser and will usually drop whatever I am doing to get your needs in check.  That said if you ask me with attitude or just not so nice, you don’t have a chance in….  Mmmmmmm.
  • Don’t talk about me behind my back, I am passive aggressive.  As I have just said I am a pleaser, so if I have done something to offend you I will be the first to apologize just tell me.  On the other hand if you don’t come to me, how am I to not do it again, oh also I live in a small town it will get back to me.
  • Don’t be LATE.  Seriously this one is just not with dealing with me, just don’t do it.  The time that you should arrive has been set for a reason, you may not agree with that reason or understand it, but it is the time that you should arrive.  So just be early or on time, but NOT LATE!
  • Don’t promise something and not deliver.  “Mum I will do that, you don’t have to tell me a hundred times.”  Oh then I see as you slink off to bed that said whatever has not been DONE!  Really???  Cause I didn’t ask you a hundred or a million times, I followed your directions and asked once, and look where that got me.  Urgh.
  • If a job is worth doing, do it right the first time.  Please don’t make me come upstairs and look at your room with 5 objects on the floor and tell me you have picked up your room.  Then have the gaul to tell me that you didn’t see said objects..  Note my eyes rolling in the back of my head,  ummmmmm.  Just do the job correctly the first time around and be proud of it, OK.  This goes for the business world as well.

That is my ten, but I have one more and I have lived by this and have asked many employees to live by this as it is easier to explain than to undo a mistake….

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Thanks for stopping by, and please by all means leave me a funny piece of advice if you feel like it, otherwise have a FABULOUS day!

British Mum USA