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Come enjoy an evening of seeing what Echo ask me, and what I had to say to each of those questions. Don’t forget to pop over to The Mad Mommy Blog and see what I asked her today!

1. When you first came to America, what was the BIGGEST difference that you noticed between here and London?

The thing that stood out for me living here was that people made EYE CONTACT all the time.  I felt like my personal space was being invaded on a regular basis.  We don’t do eye contact in Great Britain, and it was one of the hardest things to learn for me, I felt like I was being rude all the time for staring at people as I spoke to them.  Twenty five years on, I can beat you in a stare down competition!  Just saying…

Stare Down BritishMumUSA

2. Dirty Dancing is one of my favorite movies, so I love that you and your husband met that way! So tell me, what was the first thing you noticed about your future hubby?

Oh that is one of my favorite movies as well 🙂  I am five foot, and as a Brit most of us are on the shorter side.  The hubs is 6′ 2″ and so therefore a very tall person for me!!!  He was and is tall, blonde, and has the most AMAZING smile….   I love that about him.

Male Smile BritishMumUSA

3. You are an avid traveler and even got married in Egypt! What has been your favorite trip so far?

This is a hard one to answer, as we have made traveling a priority in our lives.  We met while traveling and haven’t given it up!  I took F at six weeks to London, she was awesome on the plane ride!  I am going to choose two!!!  Don’t Shoot me.  The hubs and I were living in London just after he had graduated from University and we were saving like crazy as we wanted to travel for a year!  On December 7th 1991 we set out from London and travelled all of Europe on the Euro~Rail and then once in Italy took the ferry to Greece and then onto Turkey.  From there we took a plane to Egypt, and travelled to Israel where we worked to save money to get back home.  It was a crazy year, oh and in all of that craziness we got hitched in Cairo, Egypt.  My other most amazing adventure was the vacation with the family to Washington D.C. via Philadelphia and New York.  I love history and am starved of it living in the midwest…  Did you know that all of the museums out there are FREE!!!!!  It was wonderful…  Ok I lied one more, we owned for a few years (sold it last year) a condo in Belize and I took the kids and I down there for a whole summer (12 weeks)  It was amazing!!!!!  Simple living at it’s BEST!!!!!!

Philadelphia Liberty Bell New York Washington D.C.

4. You love crime novels, who is your favorite crime writer and what is your favorite crime story?

I have to day that I do love Patricia Cornwell and her Scarpetta Series, as well as David Balducci and The Camel Club series.  I will start reading one, and the ladies at the library know to grab all of the series for me because I become a hermit and read as if I am starving!!!!

5. I know that we agree that moms should get to pick the family pets, but what are your favorite things about Fizzby and Scooter?

Ok well I fought not to get a dog, because as a kid we had the family dog that I loved with all my heart; a little dachshund called Dusty.  When my mum had to have him laid to rest, it broke my heart.  Just thinking about it even now hurts.  That said who was I to deny my kids the chance to know what that kind of love is.  So in April of 2006 we picked up Fizzy and that little noodle has been my shadow ever since.  Dachshunds are notorious one person dogs, and if I am in the house she will not go to anyone else.  This is becoming a problem as she sees our youngest as the last in the pack and won’t even give her the time of day.  The hubs is seriously considering another dog, so that the youngest has a buddy!!!  More for me to look after!  Scooter the hedgehog officially became my hedgehog the other week!!!  The youngest just has no interest in taking care of him, so the little prickly devil is mine.  I like that he sits in his little hedgie bed on my desk and keeps me company when I write.

Dachshund Hedgehog BritishMumUSA

6. You are currently raising TWO teenage girls! What is your #1 piece of advice to parents of soon-to-be teenage girls?

LISTEN to them!!!  Let me say that again, LISTEN to them.  It took me forever to realize that I was not giving my oldest a voice, and then those so called talks would turn into yelling matches.  She was becoming an independent person and I wasn’t letting her have a voice.  We now talk to each other, and not AT each other.  We have conversations.  We may not always agree with each other, but at least each of us is being heard.

sisters BritishMumUSA

7. After 20+ years of marriage, what is your #1 piece of advice to newly married couples?

Build a foundation of TRUST.  Without this foundation, your marriage is doomed to fail.  A few years back a neighbor of mine was shocked that “I Let my husband go on a vacation without me to Australia” her words not mine.  Firstly I don’t “Let” my husband do anything.  He is a big boy and he can do as he wishes.  We have a foundation of trust, and we work together in partnership.  He went on that vacation because he works his ASS off providing for this family, he had just become a PADI Assit Instructor, and it was a dream vacation.  I could have gone with and we could have left the girls behind.  I didn’t feel comfortable not being able to get back to them within 10 hours, Australia is on the other side of the flipping world.  He had a fabulous time, and came back refreshed and a better dad and husband for it.  So just TRUST!

Egypt Wedding American Ceremony BritishMumUSA

8. You blog about a variety of different things, like I do, but what is your favorite thing to blog about?

My daft family and driving my Teenager Nuts!!!!  I am constantly writing little things down and threatening her with a full blown book!!!!  How to Really Piss Off A Teenager!!!!  That one was a fun one to write….  This year I am going to tackle some news articles if they interest me and I feel passionate about them…  Just like you I write about what intrigues me at the moment.

9. What goals do you have for your blog?

Wow, this is a tough one.  Well I have two thought journals and a planner going right now, and the main goal for this year is to write ONE relevant piece a week for the blog, participate in the Tuesday 10 link up with The Liebers, and the Thank You Notes with Mrs. AOK A Work In Progress.  Also to be a little more present on Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+ …..  I love Twitter!!!!!

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10 Favorites:

Movie: Love Actually
Beverage: Merlot, from Coopers Hawk Winery
Comfort food: I am in love with my Cauliflower and ChickPeas bowl
Article of clothing you own: My white skinny jeans
Song: Love Runs Out ~ OneRepublic, actually anything by them…
Color: Purple
Animal: Horse
Memory from 2014: Starting my blog 😉
Scent: Cozy Fire, from Scentsy….  So GOOD!
Room in your house: Family room.

There you have it, my Ten answers to Echo’s Ten questions.  Check Out the 10 Questions I ask Echo, and her answers.

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