So we all know it, we all have it, and we ALL pull it out from time to time.  ‘Dat Look, the one that you can shoot from across the room and stop the heathens in the midsts of their scheming.

As the minions are plotting their latest evil doing, you see it out of the corner of your eye, or from the eyes in the back of your head, and you immediately pull ‘dat Look and sling shot it their way.

BAM!  They are caught off guard, they freeze and you just hold ‘dat Look.

You have them in your GLARE, and you then proceed to the stare down.  This is where as a parent YOU HAVE TO STAND STRONG!!!  Don’t back down,  don’t do it.  Keep staring…

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If you pull away now, you could be giving into battles way down the line.  So when you pull ‘dat Look, be prepared for all that comes with it.

  • The initial freeze
  • The uncomfortable fidget
  • The stare down
  • Hold The Look
  • Keep staring

Eventually they will slink away and crawl into a corner, and try to cover up whatever wrong doing their tiny little brain was conjuring up.

Here is my ” ‘Dat Look”  it has been a while since I have had to pull it out of the bag, I struggled to get it just right, this is the best that I can do.

'Dat Look BritishMumUSA

As my kids have gotten older the word “disappointed” seems to be just a tad bit more effective than the look, so I am rusty on this gem.

This crazy moment has been brought to you because Jen from JenerallyInformed and Celeste from Leapfrog and Lipgloss have put out this insane Mommy Reality Challenge!!!  So come on grab your phone and take that selfie of ‘Dat Look….  Ya Face!!!

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