We have this amazing silver box in our kitchen.  It is right next to the sink, and fits perfectly under the counter.  It is sleek, silver and very quiet.  It will not hurt you, will not fall on you, and will definitely stay in place.  Holy cow people that live in this house, it is not going to run after you and eat you if you touch it!!!!

It amazes me that the rest of the family after living in the same house for the last 15 and a half years, has not discovered this wonderful machine and what it can do.  You see if you open its door and pull out its rack, you are able to place dirty and yet rinsed dishes, bowls and other utensils into it.  Once it is full, you put a little detergent in it, close it up and voila an hour later you have sterile, dry dishes, bowls and other utensils.

Open Dishwasher

For the flipping love of all that is HOLY, I have no idea WHY on God’s green earth my family of a hubby, 16 y/o and 11 y/o think that by putting their dishes into the sink, that they are going to MAGICALLY make their own darn way to the big beautiful silver BOX!!!!

People we live in a house that has a DISHWASHER.  In college I use to dream about having one of those.  Now that I have it, it amazes me that they do not:

1. Appreciate it.

2. Use it.

Every time I approach the sink and see evidence of people that have been into the kitchen and eaten, I slowly plot their demise.

I know that I have a slight rather large OCD cleaning problem, but is it really to much to ask that you put your crap in the dishwasher, IS IT????  Of course it is, that would entail you turning on the faucet, rinsing your plate, and then having to open a door, pull out a rack and place said plate or whatever the heck you used into the DISHWASHER!!!  Holy monkey nuts.

So the dishwasher and I are on good terms, but the rest of the family has yet to quiet discover the actual joy of having a dishwasher….  Maybe when the oldest goes to college and there is not one available, she will finally realize how lucky she was to have one…

It can be done!

It can be done!


Remember, this is all tongue in cheek, and I only plot their demise in my head once a day…  Maybe 🙂

PS….  While we are here, lets also not forget to put a NEW roll on the toilet paper holder when you use the LAST DARN Square!!!!  There is no magic wand that makes one appear when you need it, you know when you sit to do your business.  No but you have no problem yelling for me to get one for you.  The recycling can has a YELLOW lid, that is where you PUT the recycling…  You guys tell me  all the time “I KNOW MUM”, yet I look in there and there the garbage sits….  HOLY COW I kid you not as I sit here typing the youngest just yelled for a roll of toilet paper…  Such is my life.