What do you call it?  Fall ~ Autumn ~ I puffy Heart YOU!  Don’t you just love it?

Depending where you reside you will refer to this season as Fall or Autumn. I puffy heart you, this season is a burst of color and a refreshing breath of fresh air! Don’t get me wrong now, Summer is my favorite. I don’t have to worry about a jacket, the windows are down and I wear summer dresses!!!! So don’t have to think about my tops and bottoms! I love not having to think about dressing, no think mornings are the BEST.

Here in the midwest Fall rolls in mid September and with all of our fingers and toes crossed it stays until end of November. This was NOT the case last year, and Winter took a hold URGH!

The Colors just grab me.  I am so grateful that we do not roll from summer right into winter and all the trees and bushes are naked.  Thank goodness they give us a show before they go.

Autumn Fall Colors Leaves

Fall Colors

The Clothes are my puffy heart.  I love the stretchy jeggin’s or leggin’s, colors and the COMFORT factor is out of this world!  Just wish they would make them in “short” more often!!!  I’m 5 foot and a little bit, I don’t like shopping in the kids department!  Oh lets not forget the tank tops, sweaters, cardigans and oh those lovely scarfs!!!!!!  I can so be found in my jeggin’s, knee boot socks, tank tops and cardigans topped off with a scarf!!!!!  Heaven!

Boots Socks Fall Boots Knee socks

Fall Boot Socks

P.S.L.   First off it’s Pumpkin Spice Latte, I don’t go around saying PSL first off because I get it wrong every time.  I say the whole darn thing, I just don’t drink it all the time.  Wish I could afford to, and my ass didn’t put on the pounds that it would if I did.  Yikes!  I am not a snob, I will drink it at a local coffee shop or fourbucks  oh sorry Starbucks ;).  I grab a couple in the first week of October, and then from there it is usually every other week until the end of November.  It’s a treat for me with a girlfriend or an afternoon quickie on the weekend while running errands as a pick me up.  How about you?

Coffee Pumpkin Spice Latte

Pumpkin Spice Latte


70˚, who doesn’t love this temperature?  With the clothes and the coffee the weather just is perfect.  Thanks Fall.

Pumpkins, what can’t you do with them?  Soup, bake, dessert, carve, paint, light up, monogram and I am sure so much more…

Pumpkin Carved Painted Monogrammed

Pumpkin Fun

Soups, oh this time of year is all about the soups.  I love Crock pot soups, stove soups and my favorite is…….  Baked French Onion Soup.  I can’t make that one but I am good at finding on the menu when we go out.  I love making this soup Creamy Chicken Vegetable Chowder

Panini’s, OK who doesn’t love a toasty hot sandwich.  Mine can be as simple as a ham and cheese to as fancy as Brie, basil, Tomato, and slices of Honey Crisp apples….  Oh so delicious!  I can be found blogging at Panera Bread Co. if the kids are gone or I will whip out our panini maker and throw a panini together.  Come on seriously they are sooooo good.  Lets not forget put this and soup together and we have a brilliant dinner.  My kids love a good thick tomato soup and a panini cheese sandwich.  Mmmmmmmmmm………

Fall Soup French Onion Panini

Fall Soup & Panini

Halloween!!!  Who doesn’t love this holiday?  As a girl I watched E.T. and the whole scene of dressing up, i so wanted to do that!!!  Back then in London we didn’t celebrate Halloween, it was considered an American holiday.  First year here I dressed as a scary doctor and it has gotten better from there.  I love dressing up the house, and watching the kids have a blast.  This year Bebe will go off by herself 🙁 we will hang with the neighbors in our drive and eat Jambelaya and soups and and other good fall foods.

Bonfires.  What more can I say?  Last year the girls swing set came down, and #1 traveling companion dug and put in a Bonfire pit.  I love it, cheese plate, wine and good friends with a fire going.  What more can one ask for?

Halloween costume Scare Dr. Who

Halloween & Firepits

Lastly, It’s Not Winter Yet!  Yep you got that right, it’s not winter yet.  It really is the only season that I dislike, I can take the cold it’s the snow that I dislike.  I hate blowing it or shoveling it, driving in it, walking in it…  Whatever I dislike it!  

So Fall ~ Autumn ~ I puffy Heart You!

  • Which season do you like?
  • What do you like most about that season?
  • What do you like most about Fall?

Thanks for popping by, and have a fantastic day!!!

British Mum USA