My Freaking Refrigerator Door!!!!  I have bumped into it, it has hit me in the face, and it has slammed its doors on me as I was trying to load in!  That is not why we are here though, Jen from JenerallyInformed hosts this Party “That’s Mommy Reality For You.”  This week she has asked us to take a picture of the front of our refrigerator.

Oh I hear you say what’ s the big deal in that?  Well we aren’t allowed to strip it and clean it up, we have to leave it as is and snap away!!!  This has me anxiety ridden, as I am a neat freak and wanted to sweep it clean the moment I realized what she was asking of us.

I didn’t, I even left the bread on top of the fridge 🙂  It lives there, we don’t have a bread bin; my mother would be horrified to know this.  Bread bins live in Great Britain, when I first moved here I looked all over for the Hubs bread bin, he was clueless and then showed me where America lets its bread live!  On top of the fridge… Mmmmmm.

Here is the front of the Lovely BritMumUSA refrigerator….

My Freaking Refrigerator BritishMumUSA

Top left is money from the teen to pay us back for her traffic ticket, there is a post about that!!!  Next to that is the Hubs pledge at his gym to work out and loose his goal weight, he is well on his way even though he has hurt his back.  Oh, not at the gym, just from sitting funny editing photo’s.

I too have a Christmas magnet made by Bebe still on the fridge, it has been there since 2014 Christmas, I like it and it is staying 🙂

On the right is F’s proposal for her Senior Research Paper, she is writing about why Zoo’s should not exist…  Mmmm apple doesn’t fall far from the tree here, we have raised her to respect all who live on this planet 🙂  On top of that is a plastic baggie filled with Box Top thingys….  I have no clue what else to call them, the Middle school collects them and turns them in for money.  Last year I was the mother who collected for the class.  All I can say about that THANKLESS job is if you collect these for the school and you turn them in, CUT THEM OUT AND PUT 50 IN A BAG AND LABEL IT THAT WAY!!!  Ok.  I spent many an evening doing this. URGH!!!!

To the right of this is my Bebe telling me about her passion, and of course it is riding 🙂  Every time I see this it makes me smile, as when she rides her heart is full and she is smiling.

Our Refrigerator BritishMumUSA


The big picture below that is a Thank You card from Bebe’s class saying thank you to the Hubs for being a chaperone on their 6th grade overnight camp trip.  It is a team building, get to know you three day event for them.  It is a great experience for all.

Next to that is Mariano’s Juice Menu, and we copy it for our morning or afternoon blended juice, so good 🙂

Lastly is the teens paper work for her traffic school!!!  Lead foot Annie will be attending class, and promises NOT to get another TICKET!!!!  Lets all hope this happens….. :0

Thanks for coming along for the view of my refrigerator, we like her.

What is on your fridge?