Happy Friday!!! I am back and throwing in my  Thank You’s along with Mrs. AOK A Work In Progress, this awesome Mommy Blogger writes quirky Thank You notes every Friday and gives us a place to share our own Thanks…. So feel free to jot down your thank you and join the party 🙂

About six weeks ago I was HIT HARD with the FLU!!!  It knocked me off my feet, yet I still had to work, as at the time; I was caring for another persons children.  Shocking I know that I would watch them while I was sick, but they were the lovely little people that got me sick!!!

So why am I thankful, well at that time my BBF Tamara brought over home made chicken noodle soup.  It was amazing for several reasons, it tasted good, I didn’t have to make it, and I felt cared for.  Thank you to my amazing friend, I puffy heart her.

Soup Thank you

This last weekend the #1 Traveling Companion and Bebe participated in their first 5K run.  Bebe and the Hubs came in sub 30:00 mins, and as the Hubs said “I survived!!!”  We also got to go behind the scenes of Six Flags, that was so cool to see the coasters from such different angles.

5K Six Flags Survived

I am now a Work At Home Mum 🙂  I work for a Virtual Office and am able to perform my office duties on my time.  No pictures of this one but I am so happy, to be able to have this summer with my daughters.

I am thankful for this little girl.  She has been in our lives for 9 years, and now she keeps me company while I work in the office….  PS she also stalks me…..

Dachshund Staker

I am thankful that our oldest texted me today that she received 100% on her Science test yesterday, with that grade and all of her hard work this year she has been wavered  out of EVERY SINGLE FINAL!!!!  She is a Senior and her last day of school now will be Tuesday!!!!!  She worked her butt off this year, to achieve straight “A’s” so that she would not have to sit any finals.  SHE DID IT!!!!  Bravo mate!!!  Oh and she ROCKED her Senior Prom, she had a blast….  So grateful she had such a good time…

Finals Waiver Senior Prom


What are you thankful for this week, or the last few weeks.  Please lets smile about them together.

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