Happy Place.  That concocts so many different feelings and mental pictures for each of us.

I want you to read my “Happy Places” and as the words flow over you and bring to life those mental pictures, think what is

“Your Happy Places?”

  • What makes you smile?
  • What makes you stop and take a deep breath?
  • What makes you take that extra moment for YOU?
  • What brings you back from the edge?
  • Small things and big things, what brings you peace in a day?

Many believe that having money, or a big house, or the fancy car will make them happy or happier.  In another life and at a younger time in my life, I may have thought that way too.  Now it is the small things in life that put a smile on my face, and a kick in my walk.

My Happy Place is…

The biggest cup of coffee curled up on the couch with a good book and the rain falling, Jeans, skinny stretchy jeans oh so

comfy, Loving my husband and all the patience he has with me, Boots and boot socks amazing with those skinny jeans

and such a comfy Fall wear, Clean house such a satisfying feeling, Early morning peace that time when you can feel the

world waking up and you get to watch and feel it, Girlfriends nights out with them and brilliant conversations, Merlot a glass

 on a Friday night while enjoying life where ever it may be, Cardigans and all the comfort that they give along with their

textures, Fall colors love that the trees give us a show before they go to sleep for the winter, Watching my daughter ride

horses brings me as much joy as it does her, Beach oh beach time with the beautiful blues and aqua water and the serenity that it

brings me in a hammock, Quiet time anytime I am able to grab some hours to myself I am in love, Watching my daughter

run with her track team and how free she feels, Pumpkin Spice Latte oh the warm comfy feeling that it gives me at that time of

year, Cold Stone Creamery and their mud pie mojo my heart be still, Lets not forget Chunky Monkey Ben & Jerry’s ice

cream either, Loud music in the car actually my loud music in the car no one else’s, Date night with #1 Traveling Companion

we have just in the last year started doing this again FANTASTIC, Tea I’m British I love a good cup of tea, The weenie I love my

 little buddy and she makes me happy, Bonfires….

As I have grown into myself I have realized that my Happy Place can grab me at anytime, be anywhere, and can be triggered by many small things.  My Happy Place is a great place to be.

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This post was inspired by Bev’s post, What is your Happy Place?