One year, one month ago I hit the button “Publish” on BritishMumUSA and a journey of discovery, excitement and friendship began.  In blogging there is a “Hidden Secret of Blogging” it is a most wondrous and fascinating thing.  This secret that is only discovered when you start to blog is the TRIBE that you happen upon, the friendships that you build.  Some may be small buds, while others develop into full blown flowers.

I can stand here today and say that I am a very lucky blogger, in that I have met and made some amazing bloggy friends, both ladies and gentlemen.  I started this blog as a way to be creative, let my fingers wander the keyboard and express myself.  With that I discovered other bloggers, began to read and comment on their blogs and low and behold they came back and chatted with me too.  I never thought that would happen.

One of the first bloggers to hold a conversation with me was Trininista from Life in Heels & Flip Flops from Trinidad and Tobago.  She is an adorable blogger who travels and enjoys life!!! She has a passion for history and takes her vacations in Europe to soak it all UP and IN.  I love reading about her exploits and her Pink Traveling Suitcase!  She also  makes me want to hop on the first plane to Trinidad, and eat wherever she is, seriously check out her pictures of some of the places she visits on  the island ~ You Will Want To Go ~  We have been chatting for a year on Saturday, and I am so very glad that she stopped by and said “Hi”. 🙂

Life In Heels & Flip Flops

Courtney from The Brown Girl with Long Hair has been around for a year on this blog too.  I love her passion with her children and her husband.  She has taken on the crusade of informing women about “Women and Heart-Attacks” (Campaign Wear Red) and I love how she informs us of what an amazing job her husband is doing in giving back to the Detroit community as an Ex-NFL player.  Oh and her two children are just stinking adorable.  See it’s a community, and one that I love.

The Brown Girl With The Long Hair

Echo is an amazing mommy who writes with a fabulous sense of humor.  Her blog The Mad Mommy, shows us all that we don’t have to be perfect, we can laugh, and hanging out with the kids doing crafts is a fun thing to do.  She is on a journey of discovery herself these days, eating healthy and Oh she just got a Fitbit, so I say we all cheer her on and keep her in check!!!  You go girl, I am rooting for you 🙂  She rocks at supporting us little bloggers on Twitter and Facebook…  Puffy heart you mate.

Domain of The Mad Mommy

The Lieber Family is run by Rabia ~ A rocking mom of three, who works outside of the home and somehow manages to write more than one post a week, runs link up parties and enjoys life!!!  She is fun loving, and so supportive 😉  She rocks, and she wears a Crown on her birthday!!!  Hello who wouldn’t want to be friends with this gal?  I love chatting with her on Twitter and Facebook and reading her posts.  The one about where she would like to live and the kind of house was an awesome post last year.

The Lieber Family

Mommy In Sports is run by Kristen (Shhhhh she is a reporter, someone famous visits my blog 😉 )  This gal keeps it real, she does what I haven’t been able to do yet but am determined to do this year.  She grabs headlines and talks the truth about them, and I like that about her.  Her blog also talks the truths about parenting, being a working mom (Oh her piece on working while her kids were sick had me in tears) I also think she has a love hate relationship with Frozen…  I have yet to see this movie, I know I know 🙂  She also supports bloggers on Twitter and Facebook…

Mommy In Sports

This Gal Pal ~ This amazing woman!!!  She ROCKS the blogging world, I love being apart of her link party on Monday’s and she has brought me smiles when I write my Thank You Notes on Fridays.  Dean of Mrs. AOK A Work IN Progress brings sunshine to my blog every time she stops by.  She writes eloquently about her family and her journey ~ she writes from the heart and with truth.  It keeps you wanting to come back for more.  PS I love chatting with her on Saturdays during Twitter chats 🙂  Coffee is our driving force!  She has been so supportive when I write about my children accomplishments, and other feats…  Who wouldn’t want her in their corner!

Mrs AOK A Work In ProgressOh my gosh this gal (mate) is a published author, and one of my dear bloggy friends.  Kenya runs her blog Kenya G Johnson , we chit chat on twitter and well…..  We were twins in another life.  She was born one day before me, her husband and mine are professional photographers, we both have MacBooks and we have the same darn teal covers on our MacBooks…  We LOVE tea, have a great sense of humor and we love being mum’s….  We also share the same philosophy on showering 😉  We just clicked, and her blog has me laughing, crying, shaking my head in agreement and coming back for more…  I felt her pain when her computer wouldn’t cooperate for her anymore.  I am forever grateful we met in bloggyland.

Kenya G Johnson

I ran across this blogging Gal at a ShareFest and she has me hooked every Friday when she posts her Friday 5 Weekly Round UP, she has me laughing my a$$ off!!!  Keisha of The Girl next Door is Black, has me addicted to these posts.   She travels, I loved her piece on Copenhagen and other cities in Europe this past winter and she lives in the city where my oldest will be heading in a few months for University.  I need spies 😉  Joking!  I do love that when I tweet her about the city and weather she gets right back to me…  Her informative posts with her POV really do rock.

The Girl Next Door Is Black

I met this blogger because he popped up on my blog one day with a comment.  I had to go check him out, with a name like Pink Noam!!!  Jamie is from Manchester, Great Britain and has the best British humor.  He has an IT job, and writes about what he has to listen to and puts up with at work.  I am telling you this young man has the patience of an angel as I would rather stab my eyes out with a sharp object.  Some of the things people say….  Well he rocks retelling those stories 🙂

Pink NoamLysa from Welcome to my Circus is an amazing WOMAN!!!  With all that she has had thrown at her, she still gets up and sees the beauty in each and every day.  She takes the time to really give you insightful, and meaningful feedback.  She loves all of her children with such a hard passion, and oozes with love.  She just started an awesome Linky Party Under the Big Top, which is in it’s beginning stages but is growing every week.  Also you can meet some very interesting Daddy bloggers with their sense of humor…

Welcome to my CircusLysa’s blog and Linky Party introduced me to Gary from SkipahsRealm, where he writes about his journey to becoming a single parent.  He writes every day, about his amazing daughter and her hamster named Hammy (who is a KGB spy).  Between his daughter and Hammy who is plotting on a nightly basis to take over the world Gary makes you laugh.  PS, he writes the sucky truth about divorcee and how it hurts, that said he is making a wonderful world for his daughter 🙂  He has come on over to comment on my blog numerous times, and I love our chats…  He keeps it real.

Skipah's RealmI stopped by Heather at Life of a Traveling Navy Wife one day and just kept on coming back.  This Gal travels for business more days than she is home, she is married to a handsome Navy man, and is step mother to three amazing young ladies.  She lives in San Diego, drives/rides a Harley and her Christmas decorating is just fabulous.  She writes about some very difficult topics, but writes in a way that you want to rally behind her.  Her post on other Navy wives being bullies, was just Brilliant.  She is also a very unselfish woman, with a huge heart.

Life of a Traveling Navy WifeThis young lady is my favorite food blogger, I think she is one of two food bloggers I follow…  Hello she writes about a million ways to make Brownies!!!  Katie from Recipe for Perfection has you drooling with her recipes and her pictures.  She and I have Tweeted, chit chatted helped each other with posts Oh and I was on her blog after I made some fantastic White Chocolate Brownies.  Yes you can make white chocolate brownies.  Oh you really have to go and check out her recipe for Blueberry Sour Cream Pound Cake.  OMG and I nearly forgot she is a WHOVIAN!!!!!!  Hello, we are soul mates!

Recipe for Perfection

I met Anne from CrunchyCrafty through Katie from Recipe for Perfection Anne is a Mommy and Foodie blogger and a WHOVIAN!!!!  So yes I love her blog, she writes about her adorable children, some down right yummy food and crafts that we can all do.  She also reviews products that we could all use.  She to is an amazing supporter of women and their blogs, and hey she loves caffeine as much as I do 🙂

Crunchy CraftyLastly is a mom that is such a brave woman, she writes about mental illness and her battle with it.  Kristen from Maniac Mom takes a stand and makes it OK to discuss it, she speaks the truth.  She encourages, loves, and is one uplifting soul.  She has a 1 year old and a toddler, and yet she somehow finds the time to put our more than one post week that is full of information and thoughts that will make you come back and read her time and again.  Oh and she takes the time to pop on over and read and write on my blog.  I have shared with her on twitter and there was a day that I called out to some of my women warrior bloggers to uplift a young lady and she was right on it with uplifting this young lady 🙂

Maniac Mom Blog

Each of these bloggers has come back time and again to my little old blog, and taken the time to read the posts and give me positive, supportive, uplifting comments.  You guys rock, you don’t leave fluff comments; you write from the heart just as you do on your blogs.  This is why I consider all of you my very favorite bloggers and my Bloggy Tribe.  I tweet with you, chat with you, have coffee with you, visit and comment on your blogs and seriously enjoy your company.

When I started this blog one year and one month ago, never in a million years did I think that I would gain the friendships that I have.  Never did it cross my mind that anyone other than the Hubs and maybe a nosey neighbor would read my posts.  Yet it happened, and I am forever grateful for it.  I appreciate each and every one of you.  Bloggers are an amazing unique people and I am GLAD to be a part of it.

Thank You.

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