Interesting question right? Well that is what I was asking myself after this morning.

It started out with noticing the weenie dog was not in our oldests bedroom or in ours. That has never happened, nope not once.
On my way downstairs for the coffee, I here her whining at the basement door. Numb nuts had somehow trapped herself down there the night before.

No biggie, let her out of there and then out the back door for a potty break.

On with the usual routine kids up, hubby up, all fed and out the door!! Bye bye family!!!

Hello kids I look after for a few hours in the morning… As the little girl goes to go down stairs to play she comes up to me to let me know the dog had had an accident!!!!

My dog???? NOT!!! Yet there it was in all its GLORY! Crap on my carpeted stairs.. Hard crap…


Ok I clean it up, then I turn around and smell the little man I watch as well and yep, there’s more crap to clean up…

Then I wander up stairs and YES Glory be there is more crap in the two hedgehog wheels for me to clean up.

By now I am refering to myself as the crap cleaner… In my head of course…

The house is cleaned, the kids are cleaned and playing and I am taking five, but I can still smell crap!!!! What the heck?

I am now prowling about the house as the crap sniff detector… Nice.

Garbage nope, kids nope, dogs breath nope…


Dogs feet, she had stood in it and it is as hard as nails and stinky….  Have I mentioned that I am an OCD NEAT CLEAN FREAK?????

Those dog paws did not touch the ground as I whisked her to the bathroom, she shook in fear. She hates baths, and our youngest had subjected her to two in the last week…

She hates me right now, but I must emphasize, the house, kids, dog and what ever else is CLEAN, and I picked up all the CRAP!!!!!!!