I will ALWAYS have your back!!!  Our oldest is off to college, there I said it.  No easy way to type it, or say it.  As we sat in the Bed, Bath & Beyond to put in the final “Pick & Pack” I sat in amazement of how far she has come.  Little did I know that she too was in amazement of me.  You see the first time around when shopping here with her we were misinformed, and I was back with her to get it right.  After my conversation with the employees she turned to me and said, “I am going to miss the fact that you will not be there to do that for me any longer.”  Whooooooo, girly “I have your back.”  I will ALWAYS have your back, I am your mum and I will always support you and….. “I Have Your Back.”

BBB Employee “Who told you that you could Pick and Pack toiletries?”

Me “Your store in San Francisco did, after I called them to confirm that I could not do it.  They then informed me they had a health and beauty department and I could do it.”

BBB Employee “Well, you can I suppose if you want to run the risk of the liquids you Pick and Pack exploding over your other contents.”

Me ” I thought that the 1 of 2 meant that all of the other goods I pick today will go into another box, and therefore if they EXPLODE, it would only be over the bottles, not bedding.”

BBB Employee “Well, yes but do you really want to run the risk of that happening?”

Me “If they EXPLODE do I have to clean that up?”

BBB Employee “No, you do not.”

Me “Good, lets get scanning!  I don’t want to spend my time out west with my daughter shopping, I want to pick it all up.  Set it up, and go out and have fun with her before I have to say goodbye!”

With that we were given the magical wand and let loose in the health and beauty department to scan away the shampoos and conditioners and all the other stuff she will need this semester!  When we got over there, F said to me “I can’t believe they didn’t want us to scan and buy this stuff.  It was like they were trying their hardest to talk us out of a sale.”

Me “Yes, that was just weird, but hey we are doing what we want so let’s go to it.”

This is when she stopped and started to tell me how she was going to miss this support that she has always had.  She seriously thought that since she was off to college that the support that had always been given was somehow going to stop.  I thought that I had taught her everything that she needed up to this point.  Here is where I realized that she needed to be reassured that the support that she had always had, was not going anywhere.  She may not need it as much as she had in the past, but if she ever did need it it would be there for her.

In High School she had asked to be in certain classes, had stated her case; and even had the blessings of the teachers, heads of those departments and yet her councilor STILL put her in another class.  Yep, that is when I gave my support!!!  You see, I would let her start it and try to finish it; that is how they grow.  That said when she would run right into a wall that was not hearing her no matter what, I would call and make it happen.  As for the above, I called the councilors boss and F was in that class she needed that day.

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I hope I am not coming off as pompous, but as a direct woman who knows what she wants and works hard for it.  I have raised both of our girls with a great sense of work ethic, and how to treat and respect all people.  I do not expect anything less of others around me, as my Grandmother used to say, “Treat others as you would want to be treated.”

After she had stated that she was going to miss that, I told her that it just wasn’t true.  That I and her dad #1 Traveling Companion would always have her and her sisters backs.  That is what family is for, she may be hundreds of miles away and two hours behind us; but we will always support her.

With that we finished up the “Pick and Pack” and went to grab some noodles 🙂

I am glad she said what she said, as it gave me the opportunity to reassure her that family will always be there for her.  Sometimes I need to remember that even though she has grown, and is off to college you have to remind them that just because they are moving away doesn’t mean that they will not be a part of the family and all the “Stuff” that comes with that.  After all this is their first time too……

Good luck F, we have given you some amazing roots and wings; now soar and have fun.  Make amazing friends, and memories…..  Study hard.

Love you Always…..  Mum

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