Bing!!!  My phone alerted me to a “Private Message”…  Ohhh, a blogger friend of mine, Kenya G. Johnson had messaged me to participate in a challenge.  Where the heck are you, you and I have lost our inspiration…

Honestly at first I was going to ignore it…  I have done these tag and post things, and I feel like they are forced from me…  In other words, I despise them!!!  That said, I only have to tag one person and….  Tell two truths and one lie….

I am loving the theme too….

Why I haven’t blogged much lately…

A.  I’ve lost my inspiration…  Plain and simple!  I started this blog as a way to release my inner creative side.  I had things to say and share, but then it became forced, and I took pause from it over the summer (last year) and that pause just kept going.  I was shocked when I logged on to see I have not posted since January of this year!!!  Holy COW!!!

B. I’ve lost my inspiration…  I have become a T.V. junkie, and I need help…  I have sat my butt in front of the box and I do not move from it…  I have watched all episodes of Orange is the New Black, Game of Thrones, Lucifer, and so many others….  I need help!!!

C. I’ve lost my inspiration…  My little company has taken off, and where I used to have nearly three days during the week to do my chores and blog, I now have Saturday morning if I am lucky!!!  I love my work, and find it to be challenging and rewarding, but I am missing my creative side!!!

I’ve lost my Inspiration…

In a nut shell I last visited my blog back in January of this year, and I can make all the excuses I want to but what I really need to do is become dedicated to my creative side again and have fun with my blog!

Thanks to some incredible blogging friends, I have not fallen off of the face of the EARTH, and I am back baby….  Small steps, and thanks to Kenya, this is the first blog of many to come 🙂

I took a look at some of my close bloggy friends…..  Gary  ~ Kristin ~ (they put me to shame) busy lives and they BLOG ALL THE TIME!!!  You guys rock!!!

So I am picking The PinkNoam for this challenge, as he is FOONAY!!!! and he has not blogged this summer xoxo


Come back next week to see what were the truths, and what is the LIE!!!

Gosh, now I have to figure out what the heck I am going to blog about 🙂

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