Keep Calm and Carry On

This saying popped up a couple of years ago, mainly on British objects.  Where on earth did it come from?

Google, as being British doesn’t give you the answer immediately…  Tada!


It is British, good old Winston Churchill, cigar and all got together to help a nation through the War.  A motivational poster was created with this a the saying.

What an amazing saying, and it warmed me through and through.  Here is some of what I have seen over the last few years, they do make me smile.


  • Keep Calm And Carry On
  • Keep Calm And Eat Chocolate
  • Keep Calm And Get a Brilliant Book
  • Keep Calm Because This WON’T BE ON THE EXAM
  • Keep Calm And Be The Danger
  • Keep Calm and Chive On
  • Keep Calm and Bear Down
  • Keep Calm and Love Mum
  • Keep Calm And Turn It Off And On Again
  • Calm You Shall Keep And Carry On You Must Yes, Hmmm


Small sampling of what is out there, I also saw many websites, the one above included; that will make your own saying on T-shirts and such.  At our house we like the Doctor Who T’s…


  • Keep Calm And Don’t Blink
  • Keep Calm I’m the Doctor
  • Keep Calm And Don’t Regenerate
  • Keep Calm And Have A Jelly Baby


The youngest in our family likes…


  • Keep Calm And Ride On…  The Horse Rider, of course 🙂


The oldest in our family likes…


  • Keep Calm And Write On
  • Keep Calm And Read On
  • Keep Calm And Run On

   It is a trend that has come, is spending some time with us and will soon move on.  I am enjoying it as it makes me smile and gives me a warm comforting feeling, I feel like a bit of England is with me when I see it.  One of my dear friends sent me a trivet the over day, and guess what?  Yes, Keep Calm And Carry On.  She wished it had said, “Keep Calm And Blog On”

I love it…  Hope you do to.

Keep calm And Carry On

One other note, these Keep Calm sayings reminded me of some very funny movies I watched as a kid…


The Carry on Series:


¨     Carry On Nurse

¨     Carry On Camping

¨     Carry On Doctor

¨     Carry On Sergeant

¨     Carry On Up The Jungle


Go ahead; take a look, silly slapstick comedy…  Funny!


One of many movies the carry On Laughing Team made.