If you have been reading my blog then you are aware that I am the mum of a gay teen.  I believe in Marriage ~ Same Love ~ and it being as Simple as that.  I am not here to bend your ear, twist your arm, or preach to you.  We all have our thoughts, beliefs, and moral compass.  Mine points me in the direction of each of us having the right to be loved and love.  Who am I to stand in the way of TWO CONSENTING adults wanting to declare their love.

Read that last statement again, and you will see where I stand on this.  Those that are against all being able to marry usually fall back on the old argument of “Well what about a man wanting to marry a girl, or a woman wanting to marry a boy?”  As I said I stand for TWO CONSENTING adults wanting to marry.

Marriage ~ Same Love ~ Simple

I support everyone in being able to love whom they feel is natural, just like I love my husband.  Who am I or you to tell anyone that that is unnatural?  Love is Love, Same Love.

Thirty six states have stepped forward so far and declared that the LGBT community has the right to marry just like the rest of us.  Number 37 Alabama is not following the law right now, and it is at best disappointing to see the Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore defy a Federal Order to allow same sex marriage.  He has ordered probate judges not to allow gay marriages, and because of this officials have stopped selling license to ALL couples who want to marry, gay or straight!

Excuse me Chief Justice Roy Moore, who are you to defy a Federal Order, a Federal Judge has ruled that to deny a gay couple the right to marry is unconstitutional.  Your personal beliefs in this matter do not count.  You were elected to your position to FOLLOW THE LAW.  The law has changed and it is now YOUR job to uphold this law.  Not stand in its way because of your beliefs and what YOU believe to be right.

My oldest and youngest read, learned and understood the role that Alabama played in the journey of The Civil Rights Movement.  In some respects you remind me of Alabama’s Governor George Wallace and his inaugural speech from January 14th, 1963 in which he stated on page 2 “segregation now…. segregation tomorrow… segregation forever…”.  

You have been in the news before when in 2003 you defied another Federal Court Order to remove the Ten Commandments Monument from the State Courthouse.  You were removed from your position, but then SOMEHOW you were re-elected to your current position in 2012.

You can puff your chest all you want this time, the Right To Marry will prevail.  Of the 67 counties in Alabama according to most news reports about 15 counties have stepped up and issued licenses for gays to marry.  Bravo for those counties that know what the law states.  Bravo!!!

Alabama will become the 37th state to declare Marriage Equality is a RIGHT.

Of the 50 states as of today, 37 have the Freedom to Marry, 6 have Pro-marriage court ruling pending further action, 4 have Marriage case pending before the Supreme Court and 3 have Marriage banned, lawsuit filed awaiting ruling.  This information was collected from http://www.freedomtomarry.org

As of the end of today Friday February 13th, 2015 most Probate Judges in Alabama counties have decided to issue marriage licenses to both gay and straight couples.  They have decided to side with the Federal Order than follow their own Chief Justice Roy Moore.  The law here has won out, and yet another State is joining the right to same love.

It has been an interesting journey to witness the LGBT community and all that love them see their rights as human beings be upheld in this country.  I am grateful that the LGBT community has been accepted by many in this country and other countries.

I believe that within the next 18 months the United States of America will recognize Same Sex Marriage across the whole United States.  This will be an amazing day 🙂

In the meantime, I hope that Chief Justice Roy Moore does the right thing and upholds the law that has been passed down from a Federal Judges Order.

Civil Rights are for all, we are all human, we all bleed red, and we all deserve to love and be loved.

Much love…

BritishMumUSA Signatures