What Do You Miss About Home?

Where was home growing up?  Did you grow up on the East coast and now reside on the West coast, or visa versa?  I have lived half my life in London and now half my life here in the good old USA!


Many Americans that I have met along my travels have grown up in one state, and live now in another.  When we get to talking it always ends up with them asking me “What do I miss most about home?”  Firstly about 15 years ago I still called London home, now I call Illinois home.  It is where I have lived the longest, where my house is, the hubby and where the kids were born, raised and schooled.

I have several friends who grew up in Texas and the west coast and they say they miss Whataburger, In-N-Out Burger (another burger joint) the Ocean (totally understandable) and in California the mountains.  Honestly if I could I would uproot right now and move to Northern California, problem is they are just as messed up as Illinois with regards to funding and politics.  Urgh.

What I find amazing about America is that every state is Different and Unique and has different things to offer.  Supermarkets, chain restaurants, to name a few can be so different North to South and East to West.  My family when traveling South can’t wait to hit the first Waffle House.  The best breakfast ALL day long!  I can’t do the breakfast any longer, my stomach hates me, but it looks so good.  Out West they love to hit a Whataburger or an In-N-Out Burger, now I love the In and Out for the burgers and the Eye Candy behind the counter.  Whoever hires there has an eye!

I would love to know where did you grow up, and where are you now?  What do you miss about home, the state that you grew up in, what do you love about the state that you now reside in?

Now lets see what do I miss about where I grew up, London?  I am not going to say home as home is where my feet are right now, planted in the good old USA.

Firstly I miss the history.  Great Britain is OLD, really really old!  In Bath we have Roman baths, the church that my mother and sister were married in is older than the USA.  We have Hadrian”s Wall, it’s OLD, as in AD122, yep that old.  On the weekends you would catch me jumping on a bus or train and popping off to another part of the country to envelope myself in the history.  Soak up what made up this country, and where I came from.  You could do this for weekends on end and still not cover half of it.  Now on the other hand, when I moved here and before kids I bugged #1 Traveling Companion for months could we please just jump in the car and GO!  Finally we did it one day and discovered just as he had said that the Midwest is brilliant at growing CORN, and lots of it!!!  Now before you all roll your eyeballs and start counting off all of the amazing things that Illinois and surrounding states have to offer, I know.  I have lived here half of my life remember and I have been there, seen that, and DONE that!  It is all amazing and I love it all.  There just is not that much HISTORY!  My favorite vacation for history was going out to the East coast and exploring Pennsylvania, Philadelphia along with Washington D.C.  An amazing vacation drooling with history, just about died trying to soak it all up.

Big Ben Covent Garden Shakespeare London Tower Westminster Abbey

Big Ben, Covent Garden, Shakespeare, London Tower, Westminster Abbey.


Secondly I miss Fish & Chips.  No not the ones that you can find here at the fancy seafood restaurant, or Long John Silvers, YUCK!!!! (Runs screaming for cover)  Nor the Fish & Chips from the so called Irish, or British Pub in Illinois, Texas, Florida (there are a ton there)…  No, I have yet to find a place fancy or not that is able to serve Fish & Chips like the British do in a proper Chippie.  I am talking about the Chip shop on the High Street or corner that opens in the evening and that is all they serve, there is no where to sit you order and pick up and leave.  Oh they salt and vinegar it, and you smell it all the way home.  The chips are soaked and smushy with vinegar, and Oh so good…  Yep it’s fattening but they are the BEST!

Fish & Chips High Street

The best Fish & Chips are from the local Chippie

Thirdly I miss the good old British Pub.  It is unlike the Pub/Bar here in America, it is like being in the family room of your home.  You are invited in, family and all to enjoy the whole experience.  Most pubs in Great Britain are family friendly, in the countryside they have gardens with swing-sets and other games for both the kids and adults.  On most Friday afternoons you will find workers there for lunch and the afternoon, that is just the way it is.  Not much gets done after 2pm at work, if the office went to the Pub for lunch.  Sunday afternoons it is mainly family time, meet there for Sunday lunch/dinner of a roast or after church.  It is a place to come and socialize, hang out and have a drink and grab a bite to eat.  Not many Pubs are places to get drunk, most are family friendly and have a group of locals.  It’s a great place to spend an afternoon with friends and family.

British Pub Cotswald

The Great British Pub

Lastly I miss the transportation system, and walking.  In Great Britain we have a transportation system as does Europe like no other.  You don’t have to have a car to get around.  Seriously it is very convenient to have a car, but you are not screwed if you don’t have one.  Your teen can get the bus, train or (tube) if in London.  They will not die, they will have a sense of independence and you are NOT the TAXI service.  It is NICE!  It is easy, and not badly priced.  You can get a day/weekly/monthly pass, for the bus, train and or the tube.  It is safe, clean and easy to use, and gets you all over the place.  My mum lives way out in the countryside up a flipping hill, yep I can catch the Victoria to Brighton line to Couldson, get off there and catch the bus up the hill, all within an hour and a half, actually faster than driving.  Here we live about an hour north of Chicago in a suburb, there is nothing out this way for them to use.  Teens either walk, longboard, ride a bike or bug the crap out of a parent to drive them until they get their license.  URGH!

British Tube Double Decker Bus Train

British Transportation

I miss it, and I love it and when I get to see, hear, smell, taste it all again it is awesome.  In the meantime I enjoy all that there is to offer around me here in the good old USA.  Such as a beautiful house, awesome friends, amazing museums, a country that changes state to state, great food, places to walk, climb, scuba, bike, ride a horse, live, love and laugh!

Where were you raised, where is home, what do you miss, and what do you love about where you have

your feet now?

British Mum USA