We are right there, we have run all school year long and we are nearing the finish line, AGAIN!!!!  For me this time of year is the hurry up and yet slow down.  I want it to hurry and be the last day of school, and then put the brakes on and slow way down for an awesome summer.

I am that weird parent that likes her kids at home..  All. Day. Long.  Well sometimes….

I am done with getting up at 5:30 am every morning… So done with being the human alarm clock and snooze button for the youngest, and being brave enough to actually venture into the oldest ones bedroom at all 🙂  During the summer I will still rise early and enjoy those first few hours by myself, but it will be by my own steam not an alarm clock.  I will wander on down stairs and make the tea, and watch the news.  I will practice my yoga and greet the day how it should be greeted.  My teenagers SLEEP IN…   I can actually clean the WHOLE house and they are still in bed, and that is fine by me.

I am done with food shopping for lunches…  Packing two lunch boxes five days a week, and making it healthy and interesting is so old now.  I can’t wait for us to revert back to two meals a day.  Brunch, which they get themselves and grilled meat (chicken, salmon, pork chops) with a salad prepared by me 🙂 That’s it for the summer, nothing fancy….  just how we like it, just how I like it. Quick and simple.  See the first item, they sleep well past BREAKFAST!

School Is Out BritishMumUSA

I am done figuring out the clothing in the morning…  Spring is in hiding somewhere (maybe the witness protection program)  Mother Nature is all messed up ( she needs to get laid) and who knows what the heck to wear.  I am not joking, as I type this there were snow flurries!!!!  Now it is raining like we live in the rain forest.  The youngest just arrived home riding her bike, and looks like a drowned rat!  Yep, I can’t wait until it is 80 and muggy and we know what to wear!  Oh and the clothes not fitting, well until summer peaks her head out, you will have to suck it up.

I am done running to school to pick you up during inclement weather…   At the beginning of the school year if it rained or turned cold I would text them, “I will grab you.”  Now I wait in the comfort of my home office for them to walk in like drowned rats.  Come on, they are seizing the moment, and laughing in the rain…  Right???

I am done looking up the homework of the day…  Actually homework has not been bad this year, compared to last year!!!  Yeah, maturing children are awesome 🙂  That said the youngest did tell me yesterday that she has to produce a music video in two weeks and it has to be as epic as Taylor Swift’s latest video.  You know the one that within five minutes had over 2 millions views!!  What the heck teacher, did you NOT get the memo about us being in the last minutes of the race to the finish line???  No teacher gift for YOU! 😉

School Is Out BritishMumUSA

I am done with sick days…  Last month it was a cough and sore throat, this month allergies.  Nope, the sympathy boat has sailed, suck it up buttercup and high tail it to school.  Allergies are not contagious, and you are not moping around the house with that swollen face, take the drugs and be gone 😉  I need my tea and yoga in peace….  Remember when summer hits, my sympathy cup regenerates.

I am done with school supplies and book bag…  At the beginning of the year I was all about running to the office supply store and getting the H2 pencils, the erasers, and paper.  Now the 2 inch nub of the dog chewed pencil will suffice, and grab my scratch paper with the accounting on the back for your book report…

I am done searching on the school website…  Actually I had to search Google the other day for the darn website.  At the beginning of the school year I had it saved as a favorite….  Not anymore apparently!

I have a senior that has been out of school for the last two weeks and walked the stage last weekend.  I want to be done with SCHOOL!!!!  I want summer to roll in, and stay for a very long time.  I want the unscheduled, lazy, do as we please days, and I want them now.  I want Tuesday to feel like Saturday, and I want to do Yoga in the back yard.

School Is Out BritishMumUSA

We are nearing the finish line, again!!!  Are you with me on this, are you fantasizing about summer, no school, no homework, no lunches to make, no alarm clocks, no schedules…..  Oh my goodness, my favorite time of year is !!!!!  I can feel it 😉

I had to laugh one of my close girlfriends ask me if I wanted to celebrate the last day of school for the youngest with a luncheon for them!!!  I do so hope that includes a Bloody Mary, or vodka and something 😉

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