Spring break is upon us here, the Hubs and I are working; while the girls are on their own for entertainment.  Recently my schedule has changed, therefore Wednesdays are free of work for me, and the Hubs this week didn’t schedule anything 🙂  So we planned a One Day Vacation to France and Italy via Chicago, along the way we stopped off in Norway, Haiti and lastly Egypt.  Just how we ROLL 🙂

We are lucky in some respects to live near such a large metropolis of a city, Chicago.  It offers such a wide range of Museums, Arts, Culinary Treats, and all around Entertainment.  There is something to do in this city on a regular basis, even in our harsh winters!!!

Wednesday we did something different, I had heard of the French Market when it opened and put that in my notes as a to do at some point and last year my girlfriend had posted pictures from Eataly/Italy and I knew that I had to take the kids there.

Don’t laugh we usually drive into the city, but this time we wanted to take Bebe on the Metra; F had to work so it was just the Hubs, Bebe and myself.  We boarded the 9:00 am Metra train bound for Chicago and got in at 10:40 am, it was a warm, quiet and non eventful ride down…  Nice way to start the day to be honest.  I despise driving in the city!!!

We arrived at Union Station, and took Bebe to the Great Hall.  It is a quiet, yet beautiful architectural master piece that few take the time to admire.  As you can see we took a few moments to enjoy.

Union Station Chicago Metra Train

Five blocks up from Union Station is The French Market, which boasts a colorful array of assorted quick tastes from around Chicago and the World.  There are about thirty small booths inside this market, which cook up different dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Oh and lets not forget dessert, and yes the other two that were with me had dessert for breakfast!  It’s the One Day Vacation!!!!

We wandered around, and finally agreed upon Flip Crepes for Brunch.  I chose the fresh lemon crepe with powered sugar and the Hubs and Bebe ate a HUGE breakfast sandwich full of ham, cheese and topped with a sunny side up egg.  So filling, and fueled us for our next adventure of the day.

French Market Chicago

One quick taxi ride and we were on the stairs to The Field Museum, F had visited the museum last month and after seeing her pictures on the Vodou exhibit we knew it would be fun to see.  The Museum opened in 1893 and has housed some amazing exhibits.

The Field Museum Chicago

While there yesterday we visited Norway and got an in depth introduction to Vikings.

Vikings The Field Museum


Haiti is also being featured with an astounding collection of Vodou antiquities from private collections.  This by far was the highlight of the visit to the Museum.  I am enamored with history, but this was something new and intriguing.  Vodou is not just a religion for the Haitian people but rather cultural and a way of life.  The exhibit offered a full overview of the history of Haiti and how this culture came about, from both the writing on the wall, to the actual exhibits and the videos from the Haitian people themselves.

Vodou Exhibit Field Museum

These are the two traveling exhibits, they also have Sue the most famous T-Rex and a whole host of other in-house exhibits.  I love to stand there and stare at Sue, named after the Professor that discovered the dinosaur; not because of the sex of the skeleton ( they have no idea whether it is a boy or girl).  Sue’s head is in a case on the upper level as it is to heavy to attach to the main frame of the skeleton, it is also missing some other bones, as they still have to figure out where those may attach on the skeleton as well.

Sue T-Rex Field Museum

We also visited Egypt and checked out artifacts that the Museums first President purchased and brought back from Egypt over a 100 years ago.  They have real mummies and sarcophaguses in their basement.  Seriously felt like I was on the set of “Night at the Museum” at several points during our visit.

Mummies of Egypt Field Museum

After visiting Norway, Haiti, and Egypt we were just about ready to fuel up again and Italy was just around the corner!  Eataly was opened in Chicago back in December of 2013, and I have been dying to try it out since I saw a girlfriends picture of her eats there!!!  Another taxi ride, it’s just way to cold to walk it; and we arrived at the two story Italian superstore.  It is a combination of food/kitchen thingys/utensils/essentials for cooking kind of store, with 14 yes 14 restaurants/cafes inside too.

Eataly Chicago

You can sit within the store and order pasta, panini, pizza, rotisserie, fresh fish and vegetables, Truffle Bar, Nutella Bar an amazing Coffee and dessert bar.  We wandered around looking at the food for sale and all the weird and fancy kitchen objects you could purchase.  Bebe chose to eat at the Pasta and Pizza restaurant, and all I can say is WOW!!!  The hubs and Bebe had pasta dishes and I ordered a simple mushroom/basil/buffalo mozzarella wood fire pizza.  OH OH OH!!!!

Coffee Latte Eataly Chicago

After that we went back downstairs and had Lattes and tea with tiramisu and dark chocolate truffles.

Yes we pigged out, no doubt about it.  Tweet This

Our last stop of the night was back to Union Station to catch the train home.  If you don’t have the means or time to take a vacation from where you live, do a little research and have one for the day where you live.  It was fun to do new things with Bebe and explore new establishments with the family.  Chicago has much to offer, in each season and Wednesday was a fun day for all of us.

Union Station Chicago Homeward Bound

Thanks for stopping by, if you had a day to spend in a city near you what would you do that you have yet to do in that city?

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