This subject matter is all over the internet, with the New Year in full swing I have to say that about 45% of the bloggers that I follow have published a post in the last four weeks with regards to their One Word.  Or several words, a saying, or a paragraph that they are wanting to live by.

One of my favorite posts this year came from Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress !!!

This time last year while still thinking about whether I could put together and manage a blog I saw my friend over at Sassy Irish Lassie post about her one word on Instagram.  Intrigued by this I started my search on the internet and chose “My Word”.  I did such an amazing crappy job of choosing that word, that I forgot all about it literally.  I have no idea what “Word” I chose.  Who does that?  Me!

Needless to say after that it took me several more months before I jumped on the blog bandwagon, and never gave the “Word” thing another thought.  Then this end of year/New Year came along and all these posts reminded me of  that darn word. Darn it!!!  Still have no flipping clue as to what it was.  Ninny head that I am. 🙂

So without further ado this year is ….

One Word 2015

As I have gotten older I have less and less of it, to the point that I scare myself sometimes and am dismayed at myself after the fact.

These last few weeks I have been sitting back and watching my family, mostly #1 Traveling Companion; the hubs.  He should be living in California, he is so laid back and easy going.  Nothing ever fazes him, and I want to be like that.  In fact the only time he is upset is when I am impatient, when I feel that something is not going the right way, or done correctly.

I am going to take a feather out of his book, and try to take it one moment at a time; I am going to think about my one word.

I want to be patient for me, for my kids and for the hubs…  Oh and the dog, lets not forget about her.

Patience: the state of endurance under difficult circumstances, which can mean persevering in the face of delay or provocation without acting on annoyance/anger in a negative way; or exhibiting forbearance when under strain, especially when faced with longer-term difficulties. Patience is the level of endurance one can take before negativity. It is also used to refer to the character trait of being steadfast. ~ Via Wikipedia

I did it just this morning as I was stripping the beds and asked Bebe if she could give me 30 seconds of her time to help pull the duvet cover off the duvet.  She huffed and puffed and I counted to 10, I did NOT plot her demise which is what usually happens along with a few words of anger.  I was so proud of myself and it felt so good to do it.  It felt better than the few seconds of whatever it is I feel when I release my anger, because right after that the guilt hits me like a ten ton elephant.  Do they have ten ton elephants?

My One Word for 2015

Anyway that feeling of being in control of one’s feelings and not just letting it rip was AWESOME!  I liked it, and it encourages me to do it again.

[Tweet “One Word: Patience, is not the ability to wait but how you ACT while you’re waiting. One moment at a time.”]

Five years ago I climbed on the Weight Watchers wagon, and last year fell off of it, by about 7 pounds.  This year I am climbing back on this time with the #1 Traveling Companion, the difference this time around is that I am going to participate in Yoga (in my home) and meditate.  I am forever telling friends that they need to take time for themselves, and yet I fail to do this all. of. the. time!

I am not talking about zoning out on the couch and not doing anything, or writing on the blog.  I am talking about being present with myself, and giving myself time to move, eat healthy, and be kind to myself and those around me.  I want to leave a kinder lasting impression of myself first with my family and then with others around me.  This will be accomplished with patience.

This is not to say that my quick British snarky wit will be put away, and my humorous, sarcastic parenting will die.

I will try not to plot their demise on a monthly weekly daily hourly minute by minute basis, I will take that breath, count, smile and if necessary walk away and think before I ACT.

To make this even more official I will tell # 1 Traveling Companion, F and Bebe about this post so that they know the journey that I want to take.  I know for sure Bebe reads the blog, she slipped the other day and said it is book marked on her computer.  When asked why, she stated ” I need to know if you are writing about me.”  Love you honey, and I would only write positive things about you, if I were to write about you 🙂

Below are some cool sayings that are out there with regards to the word: Patience… My One Word!

My One Word BritishMumUSA 2015 One Word BritishMumUSA BritishMumUSA One WordYour thoughts on the “One Word” for the year are welcome.  Did you do the one word,  several, or a paragraph?