Project Description

Mmmmmmm………  Nom nom nom….

There is a cute story behind this, F was having a bad day at school and asked for something to take to share.  She is a junior in High School.  Oh what to make that can easily be eaten???

Banana Bread…  Well I sent two loaves in on Monday morning, and it was well received.  Following weekend, “Hey mum can you make that stuff again?”.  OK, so someone liked my baking.

It has grown, I made six loaves this Saturday.  Yep, SIX!!!  One for us for tomorrow morning, two for English Lit, one for Biology, and one for a friend of mine whose daughter had some at school and went home and told her mom.

English teacher loves it, her first period and second get to eat it, and the Biology teacher heard about the bread and dropped hints that she would like some….  To funny……. 🙂