Every home that I and the Hubs have owned has had a Room with a View.  Our condo in the city was on the second floor and was surrounded by old oak trees.  Spring, summer and fall were just amazing to be able to sit out in the tree tops on the balcony and just enjoy the day.  Then we moved to the suburbs, in a new subdivision.  First five years I MISSED those trees, then as the years went by our trees started to grow and this house began to feel like home, surrounded by growing trees.

We surrounded this home with maples and river birch trees, the colors in fall are quiet spectacular.

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For a while we also owned a condo on the Island of Ambergris Caye, in Belize…  Now that place had a killer Room with a View!!!

Jen from JenerallyInformed and Celeste from LeapFrog and Lipgloss have asked us to show off our View from our Room!!!

Here is our backyard, and while the weather has been rather cold this winter the snow hasn’t been that bad.  I so dislike snow, so I am being generous here 🙂  I would have rather given you a summer view or a fall view but here it is….  Our view right now.

View from a Room

Ok, I couldn’t leave this post without including my views in the summer where I live…  The Hubs built that patio all by himself…

Autumn Summer Room with a View

The view when we lived in Belize. A Room with a View.

Ambergris Caye BritishMumUSA

My favorite view is when my family is out in the yard enjoying a beautiful 78 degree day at the end of Spring and beginning of Summer…  Those days are amazing days and such beautiful views…

What’s your view right now?  Or where would you like your view to be?  Mmmmmm……

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