School in, is summer over?  No I say, NO!  I try my hardest to keep summer rolling right into October, if I don’t do that I will go stir crazy…

End of school year rolled around and I had so much to say….  Yeah, take a look you won’t find one word about it on my blog.  I fell off the grid in more ways than one.  Summer took over, I had plans to blog and again if you didn’t get it the first time “Summer took over!”  I still consider myself a newbie blogger, does this happen to anyone else?  Life taking over and no time to BLOG.  That and my previous blog should cover it as to why I didn’t blog this summer.

I am grateful and GLAD in more ways than one that summer took over, and honestly even though they are back in school summer is not over.  I am still planning fun things…..  As I finish this piece up, Bebe is getting certified as a PADI Open Water Diver, # One Traveling Companion just purchased two ATV’s and we will be exploring many places with those.

So how do you as a parent or non parent approach summer?                                                                                                


How Brad starts His Summer!

I take the biggest sigh, and sit back and let is wash over me.  As you know I have a wonderful husband that owns his own photography studio Cobalt Photography Inc. , which is his baby – love – passion.  As it should be, he lives, eats, and breaths photography.  Our girls and myself included know just where to look and what to do when he picks up the camera, with him it is not just a quick snap shot.  He will get the angle, move your head, make you look off and before you know it you are looking at an amazing picture!  Anyway I digress, SUMMER!  This is when we get to see him, you know the guy that lives here at the house.  The one that passes in the night on the weekends, and waves as he pulls down the drive during the week.  He gets days off at a time, and yes we grab four weeks in the middle of summer and disappear.  So for me summer starts with saying Hi again to the hubby, because he works seven, yes seven days a week for the rest of the year.

Hey you may say, four (4) weeks off must be nice, but remember he works seven days a week the rest of the year I kid you not.  You as an average employee get 52 weekends off and 2 weeks vacation, PAID.  That adds up to 118 days off a year, he gets 28 days off, and not paid as when you are not shooting a shoot you are not getting paid.  We like this, in actual fact we love this because it is not a job it is a passion.  We do however LOVE having him around during the summer, he is a lot of fun….

That is one reason I love summer, another is I am not shoveling that horrid white stuff off the drive way!!!!  I am instead swimming in my own sweat, mmmmmmmmm, yeah not!  I will take that over the white stuff that shall not be named any day of the week.

No More School Lunch School Is Out

No more Lunches, School is Out!

Why else do you see me running down the driveway in my PJ’s whooping it up for summer?  NO more packed lunches, kids you are on your own for breakfast and lunch, don’t make a mess in the kitchen, and yes I will on occasion provide you a meal in the evening.  We usually go down to two meals a day in the summer as they get up way to late to call it breakfast!  Lets face facts here, it’s summer and you do not have to roll out of bed at the crack of dawn, that is my time to enjoy so just stay where you are…

Another reason to love summer.  Drum roll please………….  NO Homework!  I hear ya, I know they are rolling in the door with it now, but go back a few months, remember when they walked in the door at the end of the year, and you were just done!  I love having that afternoon time where they are laughing and playing in the yard and I don’t have to call them in to do homework, I just love it.

That said, I have no idea what is going on this school year but the oldest is doing her work, studying and being very efficient.  The youngest is following in her sisters footsteps, copying how she got organized and is determined to make this a killer year.  So I am enjoying the start of this school year too.

The biggest love is that there is no real schedule.  Yes they (kids) have things to do, but they like those things, so it is not work. Reading, horseback riding, running, swimming, Great America, ice cream (yes that is an activity), friends, fire pits, BBQ’s, sleeping late…….  Lastly our vacation…..

This is why I and the family love summer, I am not the normal mum either at the end of summer.  I don’t revel in them going back, actually I don’t like it at all.  About half way through the summer we fall into a peaceful, lackadaisical approach to our days.  We unplug a little and just enjoy the day for what it is.  It’s nice.

Now we are back to running here, there and everywhere, making sure things are done, and done right, handed in on time and so on and so on…..  No I don’t like the beginning of the school year, I like the company of my kids, as kids enjoying life.

Right now we are easing into the year, taking lazy Friday afternoons and sleeping in a little on Saturdays.  Sundays roll around and we enjoy them as they come, no stress………  Awwwwwwww………

So again I say “School is in – Summer is over?”  No, I say my summer will continue on right into October,

otherwise I will go stir crazy!  We still have weekends…..

British Mum USA