When you become parents you instinctively set out to make a better life for your children than you had.  That is not to say that the life you had was horrid, not at all; I had a good childhood and my husbands was ok.  In our first years as parents we set out to do something that many of our friends had not even thought about, we started setting goals & achieving goals.

Setting Goals & Achieving Goals

We had both moved around as kids and wanted an established home base for our children.  So after the birth of our first daughter we sold our condo in the city and built a house in the suburbs.  Such the thing to do.  I remember the first night in the new house, while exciting it was so QUIET!!!!  Also restaurants do not stay open to all hours of the night in the suburbs and you are LIMITED on what you can eat out here 🙁  We set the goal of not moving and we have happily been in our house since 1998.  Our oldest will graduate from high school this year and in another 6 years so will our other child.  Then we are out of here!!!

I set goals for myself every day, clean this, wash that, make that phone call, get to work, e-mail this person, set this appointment, call and speak with so and so…..  and the list goes on.  I am a type “A” personality and when I have a goal in mind, it gets DONE!

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If you want something done, I am your gal pal.  I will either do it for you or help you achieve it…  push push push, that is me.  The Hubs on the other hand while motivated and DRIVEN is not a Type “A” personality, he is way in the “B” field…  Laid back, relaxed, and it will get done.  Now that is not to say that he is lazy, oh my no; he owns, runs, markets, sells, shoots, edits, designs his own company… A photography studio ~ He is more artsy…  This is why we get along, he pulls me off the wall when I have climbed up it after a bad day.

SO with all of that said, our youngest has set the goal this year in 6th grade to earn the Presidents Award when she graduates in another two years.  She is aiming to keep a GPA of 3.7 or higher and work towards her end game.  While this goal may sound small, for her it is by no means a small feat.  She has Dyslexia, and after many years, this year she is on the same playing field as any other student in her class.  The only advantage that she has, is that she is given more time to take a test.

She,the Hubs and I wanted it this way.  She has developed many coping skills over the past 6 years, and is just rocking it in school this year.

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She strives for perfection, and works hard on each of her assignments; as she knows her strengths and her weaknesses.  She knows where she can attain an A, and knows where she may get marked down to a B or C.  This does not stop her from striving each and every day to have the chance to walk across the stage and reach out and get the Presidents Award for Academics.  The Hubs and I are with her all the way on this one.

Neither I nor the Hubs have ever heard her say “I can’t do that” what we more often than not hear is “Hold on, I need a little more time.”  That we can always give her.  I have always told her that as long as you put the effort into it, then I will always be proud of the outcome that you achieve.

This past year she told us she was ready to attain her Open Water PADI Scuba Dive Certification.  Look it up, there is a lot that goes into becoming a certified diver.  Whether you are 12 or 25 you have to read, study and perform the same coarse.  She did it all with flying colors.  Now our whole family is certified to scuba dive 🙂

PADI Open Water Certification Scuba

She sets goals in other aspects of her life, which are amazing to watch come to fruition.  She started riding horses when she was just five years old.  By the time she was 9 years old we had to move her onto a barn that would encourage her and push her the way she wanted to be.  At the beginning of this year she asked us again if she could share-board a horse from her trainer.


After many discussions we agreed to this.  She was to have lessons on Saturday mornings and share-board on Sundays.  You all know the cold winter that we have endured this year, and yet she never skipped a weekend because it was to cold, wet or snowy.  There have been several weekends where I have dumped and ran because honestly it is to cold for me to hang there, but she would never say no to time with her horse.

Below you see her working with her share-board horse Parsley to teach him to hug her.  Setting goals all the time.

Hugging Horse

I am so proud that my daughter understands what it is to set goals and work towards achieving those said goals.  I think this early determination on her part will serve her well in middle school, high school, and LIFE.

What part of you do you see appearing in your children, good, bad or the ugly 🙂

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