We live in a country of “Bigger is Better”, when I first came to the USA I lived in New York and that in itself was an eye opener.  The cars are bigger, the roads are bigger, the buildings are taller, there is more food on the plate, and there are more Short People Problems.  I never felt short in London, but since I have landed in this amazing country I have been looking up.  I am 5 feet and 1 inch, the Hubs is 6 feet 2 inches, when he is standing and we are chatting my head is at an angle.  Actually as of last year that is true of speaking with either of my daughters as well, as both of them are way taller than me.  The dog and hedgehog are the only other living things that are shorter than me in my own home!

So, who has a top loading washing machine?  Up until three years ago, we had one and I dealt with it on a daily basis.  Yes, dealt with it.  As in retrieving those pesky small articles from the bottom of the machine and then promptly falling in and getting stuck!  Head down, butt up and in the air with legs dangling STUCK!!!  The amount of times the hubs would either have to drag me out, or get the items as I was done falling in!!!  We now have a front loader 🙂

The dryer has always been next to the washing machine, but last year it died so we got a new one that sits on top of the front loading washing machine.  Yeah, I can all hear you saying; and trust me I was yelling yeah too.  As you can see it freed up so much space in the laundry closet that the vacuum has a permanent home now.  Here is the problem, that dryer is TO TALL; and I can’t reach the clothes in the back of it.  I retrieve said items with a long stick, and if I try to pull out to many clothes at one time they all end up falling all over me!!! Tweet This

Short People Problems

Four years ago we had a slight flood in the bathroom, that turned a small renovation into a “Might as well do this” job.  You know, where you start one thing and you say to yourself, I might as well do this too.  I picked out the cabinets, granite, and the sinks.  The Hubs installed it all, and I stood back and said wow.  Then I went to use the sink to brush my teeth, YEAH on my tippy toes.  The Hubs says the bathroom is perfect, which it is; for tall people 🙂

Short People Problems

I can see my head in the mirror in our bathroom and my shoulders, after that I find myself standing on the side of the tub in order to get a more over all look.  Yes I have been caught up there and asked what the heck am I doing more times than I can count (my girls).  Look I’m short, I can’t see all of me from this height.

We have a soaker tub, the kind that when I fill it up I can practically swim around in it.  As for cleaning it, well that is a different story.  I bend over and start on the side closest to me and work my way over to the other side.  Inevitably I end up stretched across the whole thing, legs flailing trying to balance and clean while not falling in and getting soaked!  Yes it is very amusing to watch!

The girls bathroom has a shower curtain with those hooks that refuse to stay on the bar.  So every couple of days you will find me standing on top of the toilet and re-securing the hooks to the shower curtain bar.  Both girls are tall enough to do this without the climb, but I have yet to see them put this into practice!

Short People Problems

Moving downstairs to the kitchen, when we built the house we opted for the lower floor to have taller ceilings.  What the heck I was thinking when I said yes to this is beyond me!  Taller ceilings equal taller kitchen cabinets, WaHoo I hear you say.  Well for someone at 5′ 1″ guess what, you either don’t put anything on the top two shelves, or stuff that you only use once in a great while.  I am up and standing on the kitchen counter at least once a day.  I Parkour our kitchen on a regular basis people.

Short People Problems

In 2008 when the economy was failing a custom leather shop put on a sale that we could NOT pass up.  We were able to design and buy our dream couch.  I hate couch shopping and where ever we move to this thing is coming with, even to a hot climate!  Anyhow, I love this couch but my feet don’t touch the ground when I sit on it like any other adult in the house (or kid) !!!  You can usually find me curled up on it instead.

Lastly in our house, I refuse to use the powder room bathroom unless it is an emergency.  Why you ask, well a couple of years ago the Hubs replaced the toilet…  Without consulting me!!!  He put in an EXTRA FLIPPING TALL toilet, and when I sit on it my feet DO NOT touch the ground.  This is where I draw the line in swinging my legs.  When I go to the girls room, my feet need to be on the ground!!!  Ugh!Tweet This

Short People Problems

I worked in the car industry for years, one of the perks was I could pick any car off the lot and drive it.  I would usually go home with either a Jeep Grand Cherokee, or Dodge Durango both fully loaded.  Awesome gigantic cars, and in the morning the porter would come and get my keys to wash it and vacuum it (I so miss that) I had a clean car every single day!!!  Anyway, he would always yell at me every morning about where the heck he found my seat.  Again I am 5′ 1″ tall and he was well over 6′ tall, he would say to me “Miss Ray if you are ever get in an accident, you will go through the window”  I was and am that close to the steering wheel, my little legs need to reach the peddles.  Oh and the seat is in the all the way UP position too.

Short People Problems


When I buy my skinny jeans/pants I look and search for short.  That way only about 2 to 4 inches have to be rolled up and tucked under in order for them to look like they fit 🙂  I love the boot cut jeans, but I have to wear really high heeled boots in order to carry that off.  I look like I might actually belong to my tall family when I wear those.  There is a woman’s store called Maurice’s that usually has Short People Problem jeans and such 🙂

Short People Problems

I do all of the food shopping for the family, unless I forgot something the teen wants, then she has to go out and get it.  So every other week I find myself at Woodman’s in Wisconsin, you don’t pay food tax there and the store is just AMAZING!  Here is my secret to food shopping, when I get my cart I wait for and then stalk a taller person.  Then when I get to the aisle that has what I want on the TOP SHELF, I ask them “Excuse me but may I borrow your height?”  This usually gets laughs, and a helpful hand.  I have in the past also been known to Parkour the shelving unit, and or climb into the freezer in order to get what my family needs to eat!!!!  Real Short People Problems!!!

Last Thursday I, the Hubs and Bebe went to a new dive in the wall Mum & Pop restaurant (Awesome food).  Bebe sat next to me, but after several minutes I looked at her and asked her if she was on a taller chair than me.  “No, mum you are just that short.”  I begged to differ and asked her to swap chairs.  After much eye rolling she did and look at that, my boobs were no longer hitting the side of the table, but my feet no longer were touching the ground either!!!  The pain is real people!!!

As you have realized by now, as a family we do many activities; one of these is hitting as many street festivals that Chicago and it’s outlying suburbs has to offer.  Stay tuned for that this summer.  These festivals are fun, but really only for taller people.  Chicago has a festival called “Taste of Chicago”, it is amazing as hundreds of Chicago and suburban restaurants get together and offer their finest food to try.  For me it is a festival of sweating armpits and elbows to the face, and hairy backs!!!  Seriously not much fun at all…  for short people!

I never really saw myself as a short person until my 40th Birthday Party that my husband threw for me.  As you can see ALL of my friends are taller than me, and for some reason my husband the PROFESSIONAL photographer didn’t ask me to stand on the stairs behind us to take these pictures.  So guess who looks like everyone else’s child?  Yep, me!!!!

Short People Problems

Just so you know when I have a conversation with you I do feel like I am looking you in the eyes.

When I am out and about with either friends or the family and you look at everyone walking, yes those are my legs that are doing the two to every one of your strides, I am a pro at the fast paced walk.  I am a walking fast professional, I will not be left behind.  I hustle.

When I go to my daughters High School I try to go with the Hubs, as more often than not I am mistaken for a student.  I have had a teacher yell at me for not being in class.  Left High School over 20 years ago!!!!  I also do not like it when the bell rings and all those tall teens descend on the hallway, Hello I am down here, do not walk all over me.

Lastly, I can rock a heel!!!  I don’t have to worry about looking to tall in them, and they make me feel like I am up there with the rest of you, even when my oldest tells me I am still short!!!  My Grandmother and my Mum used to say ” All good things come in small packages.”  I am sticking with that one 🙂

So how does your height play into your every day living?  Is it an issue, or have you never really given it any thought?

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