I am directing this letter to my middle schooler, I know she reads this blog…  She has it saved on her laptop, she also asked me the other day how to read the full post 🙂  She is half way through the first year of  “Middle School” ~ Surviving Middle School is my way of telling her that we are here for you, and you will get through this…  This being the next two and a half years of your life.

Surviving Middle School

Follow the rules:

  • You’ve got this one, you already know the school rules and I have yet to hear from the school, so keep doing whatever you are doing.  Fly under the radar.
  • Teachers are different, you know each of them has their own set of of rules.  Figure them out and follow them.  Make friends with them, life is easy when the teacher knows you are on board.
  • Have FUN.  Being a rule follower is a good thing, but don’t forget to have fun, giggle, and enjoy life…  Don’t take it to seriously.  I will be reminding you often of this.  So will your dad.

Avoid Gossip & Drama:

  • Do not go all anti-social on us
  • Do not add to any gossip or drama
  • Do not get sucked into spreading rumors, even if you believe them to be true.  Remember each persons business is THEIR business and NOT YOURS to spread.  You would not want anyone speaking about you, so don’t do it either. 🙂
  • Have FUN.  You don’t have to talk about others to have fun, you know this.

Middle School

Step back and choose your Friends Wisely:

  • You’ve go this, all the kids you went to elementary school with are here, you know what they are made of.
  • Take the time to step back and access the situation and really think if you want to be in this persons corner and do you want them in yours.
  • Once you have those good friends, BE A good FRIEND.
  • Have FUN.

Don’t fret over Relationships:

  • Dating in Middle School is all about saying it at recess.
  • Maybe texting.
  • They come and they go.
  • Do NOT date in your CLOSE circle of Friends.  This is a NO NO!!!  Quickest way to loose friends and be out of a group.

Middle School

Asking for Help is not Failure:

  • The greatest people in the world surround themselves with smart people that they ask for help from.
  • Have your dad or I proof read your work, even college kids have someone proof read.  Writers who are published, have editors that read their work.
  • Double check your work, have another check your work.

Bad days happen:

  • You are in the throws of emotions.  Guess what so is everyone else that is your age.  You are not alone.
  • Bad moments, hours, or a day happen.  If it was bad at school, come home and talk it out.  That is what we are here for.
  • Don’t bottle it up, talk, rant, go on have a good cry.  Talk some more, trust me it helps.  Us women love to hash it out.  We will talk a bad day to death, then we will eat some ice cream 🙂
  • There is always ice cream, so as the bad thing is happening remember…  We are here for YOU!  So is the Ice Cream.

Middle School

Be Confident!!!:

  • You rock!
  • People like you.  You are funny, you have a great sense of humor, you are an amazing true friend.
  • You are honest, and you have a HUGE heart!!!
  • You have amazing hobbies, horse riding, scuba diving and oh lets not forget the ATV!!!
  • Have FUN.

Remember We will ALWAYS Love YOU!!!:

  • We will never lie to you, the truth will always be our gift to you.
  • We will never betray your trust.
  • We will always be there for YOU.
  • We will always support you…  As long as you make smart decisions.
  • Make SMART decisions.

Middle School


  • Listen ~ To the teacher, and yourself…
  • Take notes ~ You will never remember it all, so write it down.
  • Be involved, if there is a class discussion get in there and discuss.  You will remember the lesson  better.
  • Study ~ Figure out what works for you, and stick with it.  Studying each night versus cramming for a test, works best.
  • Ask questions ~ The dumbest question is the unasked question.  ASK!!!
  • Ask for help ~ Asking for help is NOT failure, it is being smart.  You don’t want to do it over again, ask.
  • Do your homework and hand it in ~ simple, but sometimes overlooked.
  • I know you have got all of this, you have more than shown that you have got this.  I am just putting this up for anyone else that may not have 🙂  You are a great kid…  Keep doing what you are doing mate.

Learn and Grow:

  • Work hard ~ Play hard.  You know this is our family motto, take this to Middle School as well, and you will be successful.
  • Read ~ I know I know….  You have finally found books you like, so keep going.  Reading is everything.
  • Emotions ~ Need I say more.  They will come and go, and they will be easy and hard to handle.  We are here for you, we ARE NOT THE ENEMY!!!

Middle School

Remember to be GOOFY ~ The world is full of normal people.


If any of you have advice that I may pass along to my middle schooler, or that she can read in the comments…  Go for it 🙂



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