Good Happy Friday!!!  I am throwing in my Thank You’s along with Mrs. AOK A Work In Progress, this awesome Mommy Blogger writes quirky Thank You notes every Friday and gives us place to share our own Thanks….  So feel free to jot down your thank you and join the party 🙂

This week has been a cake walk…  My Mondays and Fridays are usually mind blowing, but certain people were not in the office this week and what I set out to accomplish I did in record time…  So Thank You to certain peeps for not showing their faces in the office this week…  I appreciate it.

Tuesday we had been hearing, was going to me another SnowMaggedon!!!  Since when is 4 inches even close to shutting down the Midwest???  Yeah that is what I thought, we were already to rock and roll this morning, so much so that I even went out and started the snowblower.  This is NOT my job, but hey I was feeling generous.  This good deed did not go as planned.  The hubs took the youngest and her friends to school, they don’t have the luxury of a bus as we live close enough to walk but to far in this weather.  Anyway, I started to blow the driveway.  BAM! BOOM! BAM! Then %&@#*%&@#%#%(@_#%*&@#_%*@#%&  Darn extension cord from Christmas Lights that was buried in the snow was now well and truly wrapped up in the darn Snowblower!!!!!  Son of a HOLY MONKEYS!!!!!!

Sushi and Snowblowers

Thank goodness for a husband with a sense of humor.  His only comment to me as he dissected  the cord from the snowblower was “This is epic, and worthy of something that I would do Ray!”  Thanks honey, if I am going to do it, I am going to go ALL the WAY!!!!!  He just laughed and fixed the darn thing, Oh then he blew the rest of the driveway.  I don’t think he trusted me…  Thank you HONEY and snowblower for not breaking 🙂

Wednesday was my day to clean house in peace, (I clean the house everyday) and then drink coffee and write…  I had a blast writing my blog post this week…  It is all about my sidekick!!!  Thank you for a day off in the week.

Guard Dog Dachshund

Thursday breezed along and Friday rolled on in.  After a morning at the office I rolled on up to the supermarket and did two weeks worth of food shopping….  I also purchased some Sushi for Bebe and I to snack on before dinner.  If she helps put the shopping away with me, she gets sushi too.  She has NEVER said no 🙂  So thank you Sushi…

Vegetable Sushi

Lastly Thank you to Pink Noam and Maniac Mom for gracefully accepting and posting their SisterHood of the World Bloggers Award.  Nice job ladies and gentleman…..  Love them.

How was your week?  What are you thanking who for???

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