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Where do you Blog?

Where do you blog?
Such a simple question, but filled with so many possibilities.  When I type this question into “Google” or “YaHoo” or any other search engine, it spits back countless articles on:

How to start a blog
How to get paid to blog
Why do blogs fail
Blah Blah Blah……

My question is relatively simple.  Where do you find […]

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Advice for… Dealing with ME!

Advice for…  Dealing with ME!
I really was not going to do this post, shocking I know.  I don’t give out advice or advise people, I don’t like unsolicited advice especially if the person giving it has not lived the situation that I am in.  It bugs the heck out of me, really.  After much thought […]

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What Do You Miss About Home?

What Do You Miss About Home?
Where was home growing up?  Did you grow up on the East coast and now reside on the West coast, or visa versa?  I have lived half my life in London and now half my life here in the good old USA!

Many Americans that I have met along my travels […]

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