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Goodbye to London

Spring 1989, 19 years old and just like any other teenager thought I knew it all…  I had graduated from High School and had been attending community college and working a full time job within a large accounting company.  Life was just mulling along without a purpose, and I was not in the drivers seat. […]

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Homeless My Conversation

Last year we took on a massive road trip, as in Illinois to St. Louis, To Memphis, through Arkansas to Texas, hung out there for a week and then onto New Mexico, Arizona and finally California!!!  #1 Traveling Companion has been to L.A. several times for business, this was our first time; what an education […]

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Saying Goodbye to College-Bound Teenager

This goodbye has been in the making for a year or more now…  Just like when you are expecting and you start to nest, when your teen begins Senior year they are there to HELP you realize THEY NEED TO MOVE OUT!!!!  They make it easy to “Saying goodbye to College-Bound Teenager”  Below you will […]

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Short People Problems

We live in a country of “Bigger is Better”, when I first came to the USA I lived in New York and that in itself was an eye opener.  The cars are bigger, the roads are bigger, the buildings are taller, there is more food on the plate, and there are more Short People Problems. […]

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Hidden Secret of Blogging

One year, one month ago I hit the button “Publish” on BritishMumUSA and a journey of discovery, excitement and friendship began.  In blogging there is a “Hidden Secret of Blogging” it is a most wondrous and fascinating thing.  This secret that is only discovered when you start to blog is the TRIBE that you happen upon, […]

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Room with a View

Every home that I and the Hubs have owned has had a Room with a View.  Our condo in the city was on the second floor and was surrounded by old oak trees.  Spring, summer and fall were just amazing to be able to sit out in the tree tops on the balcony and just […]

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Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award







Last week an awesome blogger, Heather from Life of a Traveling Navy Wife; who I regularly read and chat with nominated me for the “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award”.   How cool and awesome is that?  Here are her funny questions and my answers 😉
1. You’re trapped on an island and can only listen […]

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Surviving Middle School

I am directing this letter to my middle schooler, I know she reads this blog…  She has it saved on her laptop, she also asked me the other day how to read the full post 🙂  She is half way through the first year of  “Middle School” ~ Surviving Middle School is my way of telling […]

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Compassion ~ 1000 Voices

It all started with an invite by another blogger to a Facebook page “1000 Voices Speak For Compassion” in which a thousand bloggers will write a Blog Post on Compassion and publish TODAY, February 20th, 2015.  This is a movement to understand and show compassion to each and every human on this beautiful planet we […]

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Thank You Notes ~ Scentsy ~ Weather Tech

Every week Mrs. AOK a Work in Progress hosts a link up party for us to express what we are thankful for.  It can big, as big as the birth of a child or as small as the 10 minutes of peace a quiet that are afforded you in the morning with your cup of […]