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My 40’s

As I enter into my 46th year, yep I just admitted my age I sit back and revel in my 40’s.  I am aware of myself, of what I was when younger, where I was in life and where I am now. I am self-assured/self-reliant, forthright, liberated, and sensuous.  As I look around my groups of friends, and […]

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Goodbye To London #2

London is vast, and when you are born here she stamps her mark on you.  You can say Goodbye To London, but London never really leaves you.  I was reminded of that just the other night while chatting with friends, as one of them said “You have an advantage over most women here, your accent is sooooo […]

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Thank You Notes

Thank You Notes: ~ Scenery ~ Vacation ~ Husband ~ CD
I will be trying my best to write weekly “Thank You Notes” for the Linky Party run by Mrs. AOK A Work In Progress.

Driving home today from Walmart I did what I am working towards every day, I stopped to appreciate the magic around me. […]

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One Word

This subject matter is all over the internet, with the New Year in full swing I have to say that about 45% of the bloggers that I follow have published a post in the last four weeks with regards to their One Word.  Or several words, a saying, or a paragraph that they are wanting […]

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