Tattoo:  the act or practice of marking the skin with indelible patterns, pictures, legends, etc. by making punctures in it and inserting pigments.


I am not a fan of them, especially when the artwork is not great.    That said each to their own.  So when the # One Traveling Companion (Brad) went to Belize on some business and declared that he may or may not be back with one, I wondered how I would feel about this.


It is funny, we play little games with each other, when he disappears with one of the girls he will post pictures on Facebook and I have to figure out where they are heading.  The girls love it, and so do I.


This time he was making friends of ours in Belize post statements to the effect of you will have to wait and see if he did ink himself or not.  Not a one of them would tell me if he did it….  I was left to wait and see.


Home from his trip and excited to see him, we all forgot to ask him at first if he had actually done it…

First Ink.

First Ink.


Yep, there it is, he did it!!!!!  When I saw it, and where he had put it, I just fell in love with it.  We Scuba Dive as a family.  Brad is fascinated with sharks.  Just loves them.  When he dove in Australia, he couldn’t get to a feeding frenzy fast enough to take pictures of them, his other passion.

Then teen F at the time chose this moment to try and  talk us into letting her get one, yeah nice try, give us a shout when you are 40…..

So did he stop at this?  NO…..  He had a plan, and it is coming along nicely, the leg got another ink last year, as I said he is fascinated with sharks and this represents his passion underwater.  I on the other hand am just giddy with joy when a sea turtle chooses to dive with me….  SO…..

Second Ink

Second Ink

This little guy represents me.  He is a Hawksbill Turtle, and is just beautiful….  Awwwwww.  Not sure what he plans for the girls, we have discussed a SeaHorse for Bebe, but what would represent a runner?  Would have to be a sea creature.
While Brad was getting this latest ink at our local tattoo parlor, which is soooooo cool, Henry who owns it and was inking Brad looked at me and asked, “So when do I get to ink you?”
Ummmmm, yeah it is all well and good on Brad, but me, noooo I don’t do that.  Then as I sat there and watched I said why not?   I do want one, and I might as well just do it.  I had seen a friend of mines ink the previous year and loved what she had done.
White ink, it was beautiful.  It was hers and it was private.  So I asked Henry if he could do white ink, and as I explained he said I did hers.  Oh, then lets do this….
So Brad sat aside and I stuck out my left wrist, and he began.  Can I say OUCH!!!!  That flipping hurts.  20 minutes later I was inked!!!!  Holy cow, I had done it.  Yikes…..  It felt a little scary (there is no rubbing this off) and a lot proud.  It is white, because it is mine and it is private not for all to see.  Except now…. 🙂
My Ink!

My Ink!

Diving brings such peace to me.  When I jump in and sink to the bottom, I am one of just a few that has been there, has seen it and get to experience its wonder and beauty.

So I have on my wrist “DIVE”  it reminds me of what brings a smile to my face, what will always be shared with our girls and my husband.  A family that dives together, stays together.