Good Friday morning to all of you.  I have been taking time each week to appreciate the moment, the time passing, life in general.  I try NOT to wish away an hour, or a day even if it is not what I want to do at that moment.  We only get so many Saturdays or Wednesdays in life, so lets enjoy them.

I am linking with my friend Mrs. AOK a Work in Progress who shares Jimmy Fallon’s “Thank You Notes” with us and what she too is thankful for.

So with out further ado here is what I am happy for this week.

I took my mind back to 1989 and wrote a post for the movement #1000Speak on Compassion.  I have to say, as I thought back to that time of my life it brought back a flood of such good memories.  People with developmental disabilities have an amazing outlook on life, that I think the average person just misses out on.

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I am loving that The Hubs and F have arrived safely Wednesday night in San Francisco.  F is visiting her future home.  So if you haven’t already heard she will be attending SFSU this coming fall.  Her and #1 Traveling Companion are popping all over San Fran seeing what it will be like to live on campus, and hang out in San Francisco.  Gosh I am going to miss this kid, but hey it’s flipping 74 there today, so guess what next year I am popping out to visit here.  It’s -12 here the last two days.  Brrrrrrrr……. Do you see the blossom on the Trees!!!!

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Well while those two are playing in San Francisco I get to hang out with my favorite youngest daughter Bebe.  While all the other schools in the area were closed yesterday her school did the right thing.  They stated “Dress warm and get your butts to school.”  Not in those words exactly, but hey come on, lets get to school, the heat is on and well we are ready to teach, you are ready to learn.  She was not amused, but I am happy that is one less day for her to make up this summer.  I like hanging with her in the summer.  Yeah one more day to hang!!!

Bundle Up Stay Warm BritishMumUSA

Lastly I am loving that I am enjoying a three day weekend.  I am a partial at home mum, and I have today off….  How did I start that day once I lovingly hugs kicked the youngest out the door.  Well I had breakfast with my BFF.  We reconnected three years ago after losing touch, and we had a really nice breakfast/mummy time this morning.  Coffee and omelettes were on the menu.  Mmmmmmm.  I know these pictures were from another time, we spent our morning in the moment, so no pictures.  Don’t worry honey I was not drinking at 8 am 🙂

BFF Friend BritishMumUSA

That’s it in a nutshell, another super week has flown by, and I have appreciated it.  Now next week is going to bite me in the butt, one crazy week ahead…  But that is next week, I am living in the moment.

How about you, are you living in the moment?

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