The Tree is Up, the Lights are Lit, the Santa’s are Out!


Twinkle Twinkle red balls and lights are up and shimmering on our tree.  Every year since 2006 we have driven out to Richardson Tree Farm and bought our Christmas tree along with our dining room table decoration…

In past years we have done this at night, in the dark, in the cold, with much smaller kids.  We have figured out that this is a task joyous outing that should take place first thing on a Saturday morning followed by feeding the heathens, so that they are more willing once we get home to join in the festivities of screaming yelling crying decorating the house!!!

 At the farm we always get 1. Christmas tree 2. Dining Room Table Wreath Thingy 3. Pewter Christmas Tree Ornament

4. Donuts!!!

Cut Down Your Own Christmas Tree


#1 Traveling Companion, F, Bebe and I trek out to Richardson Tree Farm and once there we usually hop on one of their tractor trailer beds for a ride out to the tree field.  There we roam around looking for the best tree to cut down and haul drag back to the trail and eventually throw on top of the car.  Last year we cut a small tree down for Bebe’s room and got a tree from their tent right at the front of the property.  Every year we go out to the field and end up coming back empty handed and getting a tree from the tent which is right at the front on the farm.

Not Fooling Anyone!!!

This year as we got out of the car the kids were screaming… “Let’s just cut to the chase, skip the ride there and back and get the darn tree from the tent like we usually do!!!”  FINE!!!!!!!  There it was, our beautiful tree, waiting so patiently for us IN THE TENT!  Rotten kids, I like that ride out to the field and the aimless walking around…

Christmas Traditions

Back at the barn we pick out a long wreath to decorate for the dining table and the kids eat nachos, and fresh donuts.  F grabs the pewter ornament, one tree and one table decoration and we are ready to head home and start the tradition of hauling everything up from the basement and decorating…  Yelling, screaming, crying….  the house 🙂

Decorating the Christmas Tree

We always start with the lights followed up by ALL THE RED BALLS!!!  Then all the ornaments that tell a story from our life.  Each year at the German Christmas Market we buy several glass ornaments that represent something that happened in our life that year.  Great way to spend the day as we unwrap those ornaments remembering what the event was.

Twinkle Twinkle Red Balls and Lights

Twinkle Twinkle Red Balls and All

Christmas Ornament

Santa plays a big part of representing Christmas in our house, #1 Traveling Companion loves Santa, and it is NOT Christmas without adding a new one each year.

Traditional Santa

We also own a nice collection of German Wooden Christmas Thingys…..  I have no idea what they are called but every year we go downtown to Chicago and purchase a new one from the German Christmas Market.  Lots of fun had by all!!!!

German Wooden Pyramid Ornaments


Well thats it….  It’s warm and cozy.  How do you decorate your house?  Trains around the tree?  Santa’s, snowmen, reindeer?

By the way, there is NO ELF ON THE SHELF HERE!!!!  Way to creepy!  Hehe 🙂


British Mum USA