Have you ever thought about the fact that a four legged fur ball walks around your house, free and easy without a care in the world?  We have a Weiner in our Midst, and we love it 🙂  We thought we were allowing her to live in our house, but in actuality  she is letting us live here!  Oh yeah if you have ever been the roommate of a Doxie then you know what I mean.

Our Weiner known around the house as Noodle, Weenie, Weiner, Sh*thead, Fizzby has been living with us since she was about 8 weeks old, that was  8 years ago.  She came to live with us because apparently two years prior to this I had promised certain family members that when I became a SAHM we would get a dog.  Amazing how they can remember a sentence from years past, yet NOT remember to make their bed in the morning.  Fascinating!!!

The Dachshund

Fizzby is a Dapple~Black & Tan Long Haired~Mini~Dachshund, she’s a Weiner.  Born and bred to hunt badgers, they are fearless supposedly!  Fizzy runs away from chipmunks, let that sink in for a moment.

Fizzby can see far yet not to close, she uses other senses for that.  So she can be at the front door and you will start to hear her grumbling.  Several minutes later you will see a jogger passing our house.  She really dislikes people running by the house, she expects them to STOP and take the time to GIVE her a belly rub.  She has learnt that if you are running up the road, you WILL NOT be stopping and that really upsets her.  She thinks this is RUDE.

Guard Dog Dachshund

Fizzby can hear better than us..  How do I know this you may ask yourselves…  Well she starts getting all excited about two minutes before the garage door opens, she knows the sound of my car, the Hubs car and now the teens car.  It is kinda creepy, and her nose starts sniffing at the door, her tail wags so hard and fast that her butt joins in too, and finally as the garage door opens all hell breaks loose.

The Fizzby nose…  She sticks this thing where it does not belong all the time.  She uses it to smell, sniff the air, get under the covers, figure out what’s for dinner, so that she can determine if it is worth begging for, and finally to NUDGE the crap out of your hand until you give in and rub the death out of her belly.  Weiners live for their bellies to be rubbed.  She is no exception!  Once she stuck her snout where it really did’t belong….

Dachshund Swollen Snout

Fizzby’s taste buds are nonexistent, seriously!  Her nose tells her that this is worth begging for, but once it hits her lips it is INHALED!!!  She doesn’t even chew, how the heck do I know this one you ask??  Well about six months ago the Hubs thought it would be a good idea to give our seven pound Weiner a meatball WITHOUT cutting it up.  Thirty seconds later I find MYSELF not him, reaching into her Weiner mouth and grabbing the offending meatball and saving her Weiner life.  She still wanted to eat the darn thing!!!  They don’t taste, but they eat whatever you give them!

Weiners’ are a one person/one family dog.  They are LOYAL to that family and love one person within that family like NO OTHER.  They tolerate the rest of the family.  She is my shadow, where I go she goes.  There are several hours during the day where she does as she pleases (sleeps) then the rest of the day is dedicated to following me around the house.  If another in the house is eating, then the RULES of loyalty are broken and loyalty is up for grabs.  This is the life of a Weiner.

Dachshund Belly Rub

Fizzby as I have stated also lives for touch.  She has to be leaning, sitting, laying, ON TOP OF YOU!  The wet nose/snout is used to nudge/annoy the crap out of your hand until you give up and give a full and complete body massage.  This starts at the head and SLOOOOOWLY works its way down the body, just as you think you have done your duty the nose dives in and nudges your hand back to the top where you start ALL over again.  This can go on for a while, so hunker down and get as comfy as she is!!!


Welcome to the home of a Dachshund.

Fizzby will be making regular appearances here as she can’t read, and I can say what I want about her.

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