Where do you blog?

Such a simple question, but filled with so many possibilities.  When I type this question into “Google” or “YaHoo” or any other search engine, it spits back countless articles on:

  • How to start a blog
  • How to get paid to blog
  • Why do blogs fail
  • Blah Blah Blah……

My question is relatively simple.  Where do you find yourself physically, when you sit and write up that post?  Where do you blog?  Where is your ass/arse most comfortable and able to accomplish the post?

I have two places…  The room in the house that I kinda share with the kids (MY DREAM ROOM), and then my nobody space (the local coffee house).  The room in the house where I write is a dream come true for sure.  It did not start out as a room for writing, it was supposed to be the fourth bedroom in the house but we decided when we built to loft that room.  We knew we would have two children and us, so there was no need for that fourth bedroom.  It was to be a playroom for the girls, a room for them to hang and chill out in. In actual fact it became a catch all for ALL of their toys, and a death sentence to any animal living in a cage!  Don’t judge!

Where do you blog

My space for blogging

After a few years of catch all, and death sentences (Hamster) I approached #1 Traveling Companion with a wish list.  I wanted a scrapbook room that I was willing to share with the girls.  Sort of.  After much negotiating we decided on one side of the room would be the scrapbook room and the other would be where the girls could do their homework.  Fair enough, let’s do this.  I took the bull by the horns and went head on into Lowe’s and designed an upstairs kitchen practically, my poor #1 Traveling Companion didn’t know what hit him, after a little more negotiating we all agreed and said cabinets, draws and tops were delivered to the house and filled the garage.  Two weeks after that I had the room that I had dreamed of for scrapping.

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Fast forward five years, and life had taken over, I was no longer scrapping I was running here, there and everywhere for #1 Traveling Companion, Teen Runner, and Bebe.  That was fine, but I needed to do something for myself, I needed to scrap or SOMETHING!  Then I happened upon a girlfriends blog!  Well HELLO, what the heck is this and where the heck (WTF) has it been all my life?  I have found my TRIBE, as they say….  I have no idea if I have found my tribe, I do know that there are a handful of blogging girly girls out there that I tweet with and read blogs back and forth and I LOVE IT!  So that scrapbook room, has been transformed into my writing/blogging room.  It really is my dream room, and I consider my blog my digital scrapbook!  I know, don’t gasp or fall down!  I am not blogging for a cause (unless saving my sanity is one?) I am not blogging for money, I just don’t have the desire for that, I am doing it to have an outlet, although I really do moderate myself.  One day I will be like themadmommy.com or theshitastrophy.com These Gal Pals are flipping HYSTERICAL!

Where I blog

The Hedgehogs Home.

So the room in my house still has the scrapping supplies in the two cabinets, and will remain there, because one day I will get back to that when life calms down just a little, in the mean time, this room is my heaven and my everything.  I write my posts here, I think here, I breathe here, I TWEET here, and I read some very funny blogs here, and some serious ones too!!!  I puffy heart this room, as I still connect with the family here.  You know when I YELL “Turn the TV down I am trying to connect with my inner self and write something other than the fact that I want to kill you, my little love children.”  Oh and my favorite… “Dinner will be soooon…..” “Five more minutes.” “Oh for the love of all that is holy, fine you want food, you want me to cook you some food?????”  I like cooking them dinner, just not on Saturdays, can’t you just do soup or a sandwich that night?  Please!!!

Where do you blog

Where it happens.

Where Do You Blog?

The other place that I have found my sanity is the place where I don’t exist, the local coffee house.  We have a Starbucks just down the road from us and a Panera too.  I like sitting at the Panera with a big arse latte, and soup and salad and watching the world go by.  No one knows me at these places, I can write, I can read, I can watch people and I can zone out.  No one yells for more toilet paper, food, or whatever else is going on.  It is white noise that I drown out and just let the whole atmosphere absorb me.  The smells of the room envelope me, and take me away, and I love that!  In either of these places time seems to run away from me, I am a huge people watcher.  I will catch myself looking up and before I know if half an hour has passed and I have done nothing but watch the lives of others slip by.  I love it though, it gives me pause for thought.

Today I asked several other bloggers where do they write their amazing posts and here is what they said…

[Tweet “@IrkedMommy The Mad Mommy says she writes in her living room amongst the chaos. Inspiration”]

[Tweet “@ManicMom808 writes in her living room when the kids are napping, and hopes for a Desk this Xmas. “]

[Tweet “@courtneyconover writes in her recliner in bedroom late at night or on the couch with The Hubs & Kids!”]

I love that all of us are able to find a space within our space and find inspiration and throw it down and shoot it out into the wonderful world of The World Wide Web!  We can do it in our PJ’s, in our underwear, in our fancy dresses, but we do it, and we find inspiration doing it!  I love that.


Seriously, where do you blog?  Share a picture!

British Mum USA

Thank you to the following bloggers for sharing where they blog.

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