Holy Batman and Robin, Yes!  I had that kind of Mother’s Day.  Lets just get straight to the point, in years past it has not been the most favorite of days in my book.  My expectations are somewhere up around the # 10 mark and what is delivered is a # 2/3…..

Get my point?  Good, because that is where I am going to leave it…….  because this year those little humans that live in the house with me and the # one traveling companion did the unthinkable.  They met and exceeded all of my expectations!!!

The oldest F slept over at a friends house the night before as she had been attending her second Prom in as many weeks.  This time I was not responsible to drop off or pick up.  Yeah me, so nice just to chill out on a Saturday night.  Which I did as I was up at the crack of dawn running F to a 8:00 am nail appointment half an hour away from the house, where the heck is the Starbucks was my call.  From there I dropped her back at the house to get ready, while I ran to the supermarket for the food shopping for the next two weeks.  DONE!  Home again where I thought I could do a quick clean of the house before I had to go to another house for the mandatory picutre taking of all the Prom kids.  NO!  I was mistaken, instead I had to run to Great America to get my oldest (yes she who didn’t want a ticket last year when I bought for the entire family, and was out of luck this year) to exchange a $15.00 voucher for a season pass…  Yes I did it, as otherwise I was going to have to buy a season pass for $85.00!!!!  Then it was home for the pictures and cleaning of the house and then…….  Sit down and chill with some girlfriends and WINE!!!!  Fast Forward…..

Mother’s Day Morning……….

I got up early and grab that delicious first cup of coffee, you know the one where no one else is around, no one wants anything, that cup of coffee, along with my toast.  At 8:30 I cooked a full English breakfast and rallied the troops, who were shocked that I had cooked breakfast.  Look, the oldest wasn’t home, the youngest was sick and # one traveling companion hadn’t gotten home until way after 1:30 am, of course I cooked a breakfast.  This was my sneaky way of getting them up with smiles on their faces, and yes it worked!!!  Try it sometimes, food + guilt = happy family!!!!

After that unbeknownst to me the hubby called F and told her to come home.  15 minutes later I was given cards, flowers, and yes, yes, yes, my beautiful, amazing, colorful, funky Beach Cruiser!!!!!  Oh how I puffy heart this bike.  I have been asking for one for several years and today was the day!!!!  Yeah me!

Beach Cruiser Mum's Bike

Mum’s Bike

There’s more, they cleaned up, yes they did!!!  We then set out for a few hours at Six Flags Great America!  Mind you I don’t do the rides, I people watch, between here and Vegas these are the best places to people watch my friends.  People look in the mirror and say to themselves, “Yep, I am rocking this today!”  Once there, I was expecting it to be packed, as it was such an amazingly beautiful day, but NO NO NO!  It was a no line, walk on a ride and enjoy as much as you like.  This must have gone to my head, as before you knew it I was walking onto the Gotham City roller coaster.  Mother of God, I think their plan was to kill me off on Mother’s Day!!!  I kid you not, I nearly died!  They take pictures of you on these rides, and that one will NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY!!!!


Family Day Mother's Day

Family equals happy

After a few fun filled hours here, we made our way home, and again I thought it was over for the day.  How wrong I was, F and her girlfriend Angela then took myself and Angela’s mom out to dinner…..  We went to an Irish Pub/Restaurant a town over from us, and had some amazing fish and chips, and salads.

Honestly I could not have asked for a better day, if I had put it in writing and begged for it!!!!  How was your Mother’s Day spent?  Did you do nothing, something, or were you surprised?  Do you have a tradition of going somewhere to eat or an activity?  Would love to hear how you spent the day…….